Day 7 and final day of our church Fast

It was after Jesus fasted in the wilderness that the devil came in and took him to a high pinnacle and tempted Him. (See Matthew 4 ). Jesus withstood Him by the word and so will we.

We have stood together as a church and a Body to fast and we are going to continue to Stand and to Walk as one new man. We are not those who are going throw ourselves down or give place to the devil. We are not going to trust in horses or chariots or in ourselves. We are going to remain in love and in unity so that He can continue to do a good work in, and amongst us.

We have His word on our lips and a two edged sword in our hands and we are going to wield them so the enemy flees. They will come in one way, but flee 7 ways.

Let us rejoice and be glad in Him.

He has strengthened the bars of our gates and our children are blessed.

Peace reigns in our homes and in our workplaces because each day we host the Prince of Peace.

Peace will be in our borders, in our town, city and nation because we prayed. Our defenses are sure ; we will be like those who dream and our mouths will be filled with laughter. We will eat the finest of wheat.

His winds will blow and His waters will flow and we shall be healed.

No weapon that has been formed against us shall prosper. For who can stand against our God? He is for us, who will dare take Him on?

He counts the stars by number. He knows our name. He delights not in human or animal strength, but delights in those who fear him and hope in his mercy.

He delights in You. He delights in Me.

He will hear our cries speedily in this seasons. He will not hide his face from us.

We will hear His knock knock on the windows of our hearts and his loving kindness in the morning, and night seasons. This is my testimony.

We will continue to have testimonies of the greatness of our God.

We will be delivered from our enemies; non of our steps will slide.

We will walk sure footed like hinds on the slope of any mountain, leaning on his everlasting arms.

We will stand

We will walk

We will reach our final destination.

Praise Ye The Lord

Linda J


In the Year of Our Lord

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