The Prayer, the Thief, the Pen and the Slipper

I got up early diligently packing items and loaded my car – I did this before devotion as I wanted to use the very early part of the morning with no traffic and no nosey neighbors… I packed about three or four boxes and my beautiful Pom Pom silver light for my bedroom – I have had it years. I then thought I would go and rest and do some devotion. I would take the stuff to the house later.

I lay on my bed and meditated and prayed for certain people including my daughter. The voice on the audio* said close your eyes and let go, so I let go – the message was about love.

I felt that I had achieved something and I was at peace. I then had the impetus to go take the things to the new house before church so I got up and went down. As I opened my car door, I could see that the things were not as i had left them. I could see that some things had been taken including a box of food with a brand new tub of salt, vitamins, prescription contact lenses and I think a brand new pair of boots which I had treated myself to at Christmas. I was devastated.

I remembered the scripture : The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

I may not have locked the door or someone has a key to my car(?). I couldn’t understand how it happened.

I took the rest of the stuff quickly to the new house and unloaded. It was the last day of fast and it should have been a good day, but I had a sense of disturbance and sadness in my heart about what happened. I felt cheated, violated and angry. It was also perplexing because I cant remember what else is in the boxes.

As I was returning to the flat and turning the corner of the street in my car, I saw out of the corner of my eye a black plastic bag on the corner. I felt the Lord say this is not a bag of rubbish go and look. As I parked up and ran to the corner and looked into the bag which was ripped , I saw my daughter’s new skate boots and my diamanté slippers which presumably had been dropped by the thief as the plastic bag gave way in his hands as he was running off. Those skates are heavy…


I am up early reflecting on the events of yesterday. The Lord has thought me that there is a message in most moments of our lives if we but look.

The Bible says when we think peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon us like a woman with child. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

It also says lay up treasures on heaven not on earth where thieves break in and steal. (Matthew 6:20) This is something I am working on this season.

It is the second time I have been robbed whilst going to pray or in fasting. I know it is a backlash – had I not written about this the day before? We were asked to share what we had got from the Lord throughout the fasting and I have been sharing. I couldn’t share this last night as it would have been too long a tale..

Despite the devastation, I had prayed for my daughter earlier that morning. I prayed that the Lord would protect all that concerns her and I was so pleased her brand new skates had survived the robbery. I love her so much because of what we have been through. I also smiled at my two slippers that were also left. Do you know why? It was a message from my Father.

When I was first called out to ministry in 2006, the Lord gave me a dream a vision about a pen and a slipper. The pen he instructed me to write and the slipper was about evangelism – how beautiful are the feet… (Song of Songs 7:1)

Interestingly most of the food stuff I had packed in the boxes were approaching out of date and I had thought, I wonder if the Hope team would want them for their clients. Although it is a nasty feeling for someone to break into your property, the thief saved me a job of throwing some of those items out.

However, I am upset about the boots and I am praying for a miracle..and putting our God on record.

The scriptures truly says He will turn everything out for our good. (Psalms30:11). I have come to know He does and He will .


Father you are our heavy weight, you will arrest and take care of everything that concerns us. You are the light that shines in our darkness. Lord you will not suffer your anointed to see corruption. Your word says that we should not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry, but that when he is found he will store seven fold. Lord, I am not upset about the food or the other things I am able to let those go…but I would like my boots back..

Thank you for protecting my daughter and all that concerns her. May this little experience show her that you care about even the seemingly insignificant things of our lives.

Lord we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth and those things can never be taken from us. Help us to continue to give rather than to store up treasures here on earth where thieves break in and steal. Help us to be vigilant be watchful as the enemy of soul prowls round seeking whom he may devour.

Thank you specially for this week where you have re kindled and reignited the gift to pray and to write. Thank you are helping me to see things as you see them and to release and share what you have given me to the world so they too can be encouraged, know you are alive and have a hope.

Thank you for the future and the hope and the blessing of a new home and the ability to do of your good pleasure.

Your daughter

Linda J

You called me Beautiful , Joyful Spirit

* see bible apps – Faith comes by Hearing

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