Praise ye the Lord Jesus Christ – we thank God for a new day to give him praise, glory, honor and worship. Today I am reviewing Luke 16 which covers many major topics that of stewardship, faithfulness, pressing in, and the Word of God. It is the pressing in at verse 16 that I want to concentrate on, in this review.

Hayford helps us to see that ‘Jesus’ declaration of the kingdom of God coming into being will be (among others things) as a result of ‘pressing in and pursuit’.* This pressing in, will require effort and passion to bring the kingdom into being. We have to ‘pursue’ kingdom through prayer ie wrestling with demonic strongholds (not by self, but by the power of the Holy Ghost) and having great passion, (deep longing and expectation) of seeing the manifestation of heaven coming to earth in our midst.

Heaven Touching earth, is our mission statement for this 2020 year, as a church. Last night, we stood together in prayer in our little corner of the universe (Normanton, Derby) standing in line looking up and out, with great expectation, but there is so much more pressing in to do. Our postures also must change.

What we are not holding onto or inviting is ‘flesh’ or flesh works to see the kingdom of God come’; God knows we have had our fill … but we are waiting on the true manner from heaven to feed our souls.

The need of the hour is men and women baptized in the Holy Ghost, operating in the spirit of God, tried in the fire (brokenness and intimacy with Him) . This anointing will then be the conduit in us, that will break generational yokes (slavery, addictive tendencies, murder, slander and oppression) and work towards setting captives free.

As I prayed last night: ‘it is not by might nor by power, but only by his holy spirit’ which will do it, but we still have to do our bit. It is the pressing in that will produce the power and the ignition we need to bring heaven down. It is the pressing in that will produce that anointed word from the Lord, enabling divine changes to be made in our current sorry world.

We press in by times of devotion, prayer and supplication and times of fasting. Oh if we would only just posture, press in and push when we meet corporately and in our individual prayer times, something would happen. It is really up to each and every one of us.

As the rest of chapter 16 covers, Father is relying on our faithfulness (turning up), the proper use of our gifts and callings, to continue in an effective co-ownership role with him. He has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him Head over all things for our… (the church collective) ‘s (sic) benefit’ (Ephesians 1:15-23). What a glorious inheritance we have!! Will you take advantage ? Will you press? Will you push?

The Apostle Paul declared that he ‘presses to the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14). There is a high calling for each and everyone of us and that higher calling, (I have found) and as others are finding … is not in pulpits, palaces or professions, nor in titles or roles, but in the love of Christ alone.


I wrote this prayer last evening for you as the church and may it sit well with this devotion above written the next day ❤️

Father, we thank you because you prayed for us in the garden and we know we are already covered by your grace. As we continue to walk worthy of the vocation you have called each and everyone of us into, we pray like brother Paul that you will give us complete gnosis – complete knowledge of your will. Give us spiritual wisdom and understanding to walk this walk of faith and increase this in us more and more.

Thank you for our current placing and placements, our families, our loved ones, our leaders and roles and occupations, but we want more of you.

We desire that the way we live, talk, serve and behave towards each other will be pleasing in your sight and producing good and much fruit. Give us passion, compassion and compulsion to press into your manifold blessing and for lost souls. As we come in and out of your temple, as we open and close your book , may we grow in grace and understand you more and more.

Strengthen us with might and your glorious working power, so that the world can know you as the one true God. Fill us with laughter and joy , always with arms up lifted in thanksgiving and praise. Make us ever able and willing to share the good news and the inheritance that belongs to those have have chosen light over darkness.

Keep flooding us with light – let us be known as the people that know their God and doing mighty exploits. Let us be known for people who represent true holiness, righteousness and peace.

Thank you for placing us far above principalities and powers and raising us from the dead – made possible by the life, death and resurrection of our sinless brother, Jesus Christ.

Help us to work with you, in concert and in unity, and to respect your Body.

We leave ourselves open this day into your hands, trusting you for change and renewal, every day of our lives and until we come to your complete fullness in us, which is the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, the blessed hope of glory.

Written by Evangelist Linda J

28/2/2020. – review of scripture written by same 29/2/2020

*New Spirit Filled Life Bible – exited by Jack W Hayford New King James Version

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