A Word and Revelation

Writing as Watchman and Intercessor

In the Year of Our Lord 17/5/2020

This word and revelation has come about over a series of dreams over the past few weeks. I am led to write as I believe it is a ‘now word’ for us all. The word is not exhaustive, but I pray you will hear Father’s heart and heart beat.

There are three themes that I believe the Holy Spirit has highlighted over this last week and these are as follows :

Who is not with me is against me

Except ye abide ye cannot be saved

Kingdom Honor and Respect

I had this very vivid dream – it was a revelation. I dreamt that it was night time and I was on a journey (lets say with another person). It was pitch black – ink black and lets say the dream was highlighting that the world as we knew it, had changed and there was need for movement – to get out and get somewhere. The path we were travelling were like the cobbled streets of Jerusalem (if you like) or old England…. All of a sudden, I saw a funeral cortège, black horses and a carriage, with the horsemen riding at speed, coming round the corner and heading in our direction, and as if to collect the next person…The dream spoke of this being the current enterprise and that there was a sense of busyness, supernatural speed about it. I quickly shouted to the person with me, “get in here” – it was a little door/opening in a wall – like the cleft in a rock – a hiding place. I saw myself diving in there, but the person that should have been just behind me, had not followed. The person , I had tried to usher into safety was nowhere to be seen. For sure ( I thought in the dream) , the horses would have crushed that person, as they had been no time to waste. Those horses/that carriage was not going to let anything get in its way. Significantly there was a warm colored blanket folded up on the stone ledge in the cave.

The Lord has spoken in my heart about this dream and I will only share an aspect of the revelation here, as it sits with the other messages ie, sometimes we are sent to help or to lead people or a person, to safety, but for whatever reason, they don’t listen or don’t hear. The dream has led me to consider parallels and to ask the Lord questions. What happened to the person that was behind me? The Lord spoke to me a few days later. ‘they were not with you…’ . He has highlighted there are familial, generational and spiritual issues at play.

The Bible graphically showed us what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back. When God was about to rain down fire and sulphuric acid on Sodom and all that did not (and could not) represent the new era that God had wanted to usher in. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt. She looked back on what was, instead of following godly advice and coming out of Sodom. I believe when she looked back she may have also been thinking about the men who had visited their home the night before; the men who had influenced her husband, in such a way, that he had wanted to leave, and at speed. Her son in laws had even said in their own heart and at Lot’s instruction ‘here we go again… ‘doom and gloom’ . But little did they know it was for the saving of their souls . We read between the lines, that their hearts had yearned for a situation, a yesterday that God had already condemned . As a result they perished and their mother turned into a pillar of salt.

As I review the story in juxtaposition to my dream , it seems clear to me that Lot must have thought that his wife was just behind him, coming out and towards a place of safety, but in-fact she was set in her ways, had already turned back, her heart had become hardened.

We are in a time of Covid in the year 2020. Not many saw the timing of this disaster, but those who know God can see him at work even through it. Father is doing the impossible and turning all our situations for good. I want to tell you : He is still in control.

What is the message for me from your dream Linda? You might well ask. Well there are many things i see and perceive. Firstly, the enemy knows his time is short hence the speed of the horsemen. There is a new spiritual order being ushered in for those who will see it and the old is being cleared away. I hear in the spirit, as it was in the beginning so it shall be in the end. Well we are either with the move of God or against it, but God won’t wait for us, a whole kingdom is at stake. Father doesn’t need the enemy’s tools to make a point but He is no respecter of persons. When he says come out of the unclean thing – touch not, handle not, we better hear, we better heed. When he says get out , get up , or move out , move…!!! We better be ready. There will be no time to take our bags, baggage’s idols or ideologies – no time to check our bank balances, our rotas or our cars. Things are upon us and they came with very little warning. Sodom was in a state, the sinning and debauchery had reached the nose of God and he was having no more of it. He thought nothing of destroying the whole lot, but for the pleading and penitence of the prayers of a few.

This brings me to the next point of illumination and my message speaks to me as it does to you

Except you remain in the boat you cannot be saved

Chapter 27of the book of Acts tells the story of the Apostle Paul as prisoner on a boat that had been caught up in peril and storm. Though a prisoner of men and suffering the loss of his liberty , by night , in dreams, the Lord continued to use him and instruct him on how the crew might best navigate and not suffer any loss. There were souls at stake and not just souls in that little boat. Paul admonished the centurions and guards ‘except you remain in the ship, ye cannot be saved’ (Acts 27:31).

I believe this is a warning for us all now in a time of shaking when all that we held dear has been removed and it is testing time. In a time when the outward show of service means very little or no longer holds, God is looking for the hearts that remind hidden and shut in with him. Hearts he can continue to use for his service. Can He still use me or you?

A point is coming when the raven will again be sent out to test the waters and the bars of the doors will again be open. I heard and saw that just now in the spirit. What kind of people will we/or ought we to be? I hear the spirit say. Will our desires be to continue in Sodom, or are we preparing for Kingdom and nearing the blessed promises of God. How are we coming out or emerging from this? Don’t forget , when the Lord saved the Israelites from the Egyptians ( taking them through the wilderness) it wasn’t long before they were lamenting and longing for the garlics and onions of Eygpt and began speaking against what the Lord had had. See Numbers 12:1-15).

So these are the situations I believe the Lord has highlighted which leads to the third and final theme which is

A Culture of Honor

Although Moses & Paul was instrumental in saving the life’s and destiny of a nation and people, the people (metaphorically speaking) still bit the hand that fed them’ but God intervened on his servant’s behalf, railing for railing (see Numbers 12:1-15), Miriam’s own hand turning leprous. God sent his son and is still sending sons and daughters. The highest honor remaining with the one whose name is above all name, Jesus. Both before and after, Moses and Paul had been chosen by God, not by man and had been sent to save but the people rebelled. “Who made you a ruler or prophet over or amongst us?” They cried. We see also whilst the barbarous people received Paul, his own kind who knew the scriptures took counsel oft to kill him.

“Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stone them which are sent unto thee; , how often would have gathered thy children together even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings , and ye would not”. Matthew 23:37

As I was preparing to write this word this morning, I see many international leaders are alluding to a culture of Honor and it resonates here with my word . ‘Flattery being the counterfeit of honor and doesn’t bring life’. I have yet to unpack it some more but I believe a culture of Honor is synonymous with Kingdom – its not about patting each other on the back its about celebrating our Father and ushering kingdom in. We need to tread very careful in terms of those Father has placed amongst us or blessed us with. You cant say you love the Lord and hate and disrespect, dishonor those he sends or sets amongst you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

God is looking for love and unity amongst his servants and amongst his children.

Further, He warns to ‘touch not the Lord’s anointed and to do his prophets, no harm’ Remember, those that receive a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophet’s reward and again you will know them by the. fruit.

As I close , I pray you receive this word in the spirit it has been sent – it is for the saving of yours and my soul. See it as from a Father’s hand and for us to consider our ways.

My Prayer

I pray for increased wisdom for ourselves that we may perceive the time, season and hour we are in and our individual and collective conditions.

I pray that our eyes will remain focussed upwards and onwards and that we will remain in step with you.

I pray against any institutional, generational or familial, spiritual stronghold and false hood that mars or impedes the free flow of spirit of Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost. I pray against the spirit of jealousy and the spirit of death and the horseman and his rider. Let any quickening or urgency be that of the Holy Spirit and his longed for baptism of fire.

I pray for continued covering, for a strong tower a hiding place in the cleft of the rock and at the foot of the cross.

Let our ears be open to the seriousness of the hour and let truth reign in our inward parts. He that is not with me is against me, but for those who remain in concert with you and with those whom you send, let them be blessed in their own endeavors and let light continue to shine upon their ways.

I close, continuing to stand for and pray for a culture of Truth , honor and unfeigned love across the brother and sisterhood, indeed across the Body of Christ .

Yours in our Father’s Name

Linda J UK

Writing as Watchman and Intercessor

In the Year of Our Lord


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  1. Thank You for speaking father’s heart. May the Lord bless you and keep you may he calls his face to shine upon you and be gracious onto you may the Lord lift up to the light of his countenance and give you his peace in Jesus name God bless you.

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