Divine Covering

“They have come under the protection of my roof ” (genesis 19:8 )

I wrote this piece 5 years to the day and today it was recirculated by Facebook. I wrote it after a revelation and had written :

What a beautiful scripture and picture of divine refuge. I am led to reflect and to write a prayer :

When all around my soul gives sway. He only is my help and stay. (Song).

And then this Prayer


Thank you Father for your protection for your people Israel. You have provided a shelter in the wind a covert in the storm , from political, personal, spiritual attack, insinuation and assignations. You protected us from the spear.

Thank you that your people can find a place of rest in you, a place far away from all scheming and cunning and things that which purports to be from you, but are not.

Thank you, you have given us eyes to see, ears to hear and spiritual discernment.

When we are compassed about (like your holy angels and pressed sore, in the time of Lot) you give us protection ‘under your roof’.

Hear the cry of your people Israel Lord and that of your servant. Israel is for peace but they are for war.

Show your love for us Lord in our many deliverances. Deliver Israel and your Beloved from every evil taunt, from rocks , missiles and rockets – as your son David said from the curl of the tongue and from the sleight of men.

Teach us divine wisdom and understanding. Protect our every foot step.

Who is blind like your servant Lord? Or deaf as your messenger ? Help us to be wise as serpents harmless as doves. But not like dumb dogs. Keep your servant from secret faults. Teach us your will and your way.

Magnify your own law Lord and make it honourable. Rescue those snared in holes, hidden in prison houses or held for a prey.

Protect those who would be merchandised and trafficked by men.

May our adulation be to you and no other. All that we hold dear, may we see as dung.

Send Saviours from Mount Zion to rescue and restore. Raise up righteous standards in the land, lest we perish without a hope.

Remember your first born and your Beloved.

Remember your servant, Linda.

Declaring it again and sealing it now as Prayer Evangelist and during a time of Covid, nations rising against nation, wars and rumours of wars – June 2020

Evangelist Linda J UK

June 2020

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