Towards effective spiritual leadership

I saw a wonderful picture of Fatherhood on Sunday morning as my pastor, Otoyo Henry Ita, streamed the service from the building and at the end , seeing his young daughter sitting on his knee with her arms around his neck . I know for many fatherhood has not been a good experience. How much this manifestation of approachable , loving Fatherhood needs to be seen in our homes and in our churches and across leadership. I know there are other good examples amongst us, but this one caught my eye, particularly in this hour and is a preach in itself.

I am a reflective leader and this morning , I am thinking about the events of the week and the weekend . The above picture leads me to review images of both fatherhood and leadership. Some attributes are synonymous of the other and there are overlaps . Today, I want to concentrate on leadership as a role and as there is much work to do in this hour in the Body.

I am drawing from the life of Samuel who was a pivotal credible and influential leader in his day (see 1 Samuel 12-13). What were the attributes/ qualities that stood out?

When we explore the life of Samuel , we see a number of things. I want to highlight those here :


That he was a good shepherd and made time for quality relationship with the sheep and got to know them . He knew them and because of that he was able to lead them and they looked up to him because they knew that he genuinely cared. We can see examples of good shepherding in the farm industry – a good shepherd looks after and tends the wounds of the sheep. A good shepherd is both tender, tough, but also compassionate.


I have written previously about stewarding the gift (see a good steward is not carrying out actions on his own behalf, but on behalf of his owner – he or she is an overseer and has been given delegated responsibility to manage the things of the house. In the story of Samuel we see how he personified good stewardship – he was able to take on kings and queens – people of high or low social status and for the good of the kingdom. He was compassionate, able to be moved about the state of affairs and was connected and accountable to God, not to man.


Samuel could see. He was blessed with revelation knowledge. As leaders we not only have to be able to see, but also be able to articulate what we see for the good of the whole. We need to look into the perfect law and liberty of life (given through Jesus Christ – ie without condemnation) and translate it so that it speaks to and addresses current issues. We need to be able to see with the eyes of the heart essentially see things as God sees and address issues, without compromise. We walk and do, out of the seeing that God shows and when we do so , we cant go wrong and the house is built on sure foundations. We build on divine experience, going from glory to glory and towards that perfect day.


Jesus was the New Testament example of servant hood – kneeling and washing his disciples feet, but before that leaving his high status and home in glory to seek and save the lost. He got off his high horse/ high chair and sought out the lost. Leaders have to be sacrificial to give up their areas of comfort (and sometimes their right) to win some. Our main area of standing and sacrifice should be at the altar -praying and interceding and crying out for the good of the people. A good servant is not motivated by position , power or platform, but by service – wanting to do of Fathers good pleasure.

May Father help us.

Praying then for spiritual leaders, shepherds and pastors after Father’s own heart. Leaders that not just say and theorise, but do. Praying for leaders called and equipped to stand in this challenging hour. Leaders who speak the truth in love and wont fear the faces of men, kings queens or politicians. Praying for leaders who will stand up for righteousness sake and be counted.

Linda J Uk
Striving towards effective spiritual leadership

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  1. Just read this to Gavin Allen Linda Joyce CH ♡ What an amazing insightful description of what it takes to be a leader!! Our ‘job description’ comes from the heart & life of our predecessor Jesus Christ who’s life reflected His Father’s will for all of us. This is a great tool to use for those thinking & praying into stepping out to lead their own Life Groups. Gavin & I would love to share this with our life group who have walked with us for over a year where in reading this someone may recognise God’s Spirit speaking to their heart… Again, many thanks dear sister!! ♡♡♡

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