It is the same God, who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of his glory in the face of Jesus Christ – 2 Corinthians 4:7

Father we thank you . Thank you that you purposed to bring us back to yourself at at a time when we were teetering on a precipice. Thank you for the light that you sent and beamed down on us awakening us from the dark places of the earth.

Lord you desired to have a people called by your Name and you have accepted even me into that Beloved company. Your word said that now we are teh children of God and whilst it does not yet appear what we shall be , we know that we shall be like you as we shall see you as your are. We long for that day. The day that Isaiah saw. The day when your train filled the temple showing your majestic glory and forcing iniquity to stop her mouth.

Lord because of you and us (your purchased possession) , No weapon that has been formed against us shall prosper. Every back biting or evil tongue that has risen up against us we condemn as your servants. Our righteousness is of you. We did not come in our own strength but you called, you saved, you sanctified and you made us your own.

You are the God who rules and reign and determines the borders of our territory . You are the God that open and no man shuts or closes and no man dare open. You are the God that sets one up and another down and you use us for your purposes here on earth with our permission.

Father, you know the heart of every man. Nothing is hid from you. You do not judge outward appearances but you judge righteously. You are a fair God. You mete out just weights and just balances and you remember the poor and the beggar from the dung hill.

Lord i trust you and know that you will bring everything concerning those who call on your name to pass. We called. You answered . You have given us a resting place and your plans for us are Yes and Amen to bring us to an expected end.

Nothing takes you by surprise. You are the fairest and the fairest of ten thousand to our souls.

And so as i close this time of prayer , i thank you for your grace and your wonder working power in the children of men . May your word reach hearts that are open. May change comes from a greater realization of your ever presence, your omnipotent and omniscience – all seeing , all knowing and with all power to do the impossible.

Your daughter Linda J

Prayer Evangelist


Also in audio and available via sound cloud

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