A prayer for missions

A prayer for missions – December 2020 – Linda J UK

Father , great is your faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies we see, thou changes not, thy compassion they fail not, has thou hast been though forever will be. (Extract from a song)

Yes, Lord you are the same God of Abram, Isaac and Jacob and your seed remains on the earth. Your desire has always been to have a people for yourself- a people who love you unconditionally, nations who bow to ‘you’ in reverence – not seeking a Saul, but having a heart like David and Paul, in relation to righteousness and missions.

Lord you set the boundaries of the territories where men should live; You designed and devised the color and nature of our skin and our languages. Lord I believe each nation has an assignment and destiny in you, but many are still asleep to righteousness.

We cry AWAKE.

Lord, you will have a remnant through every tongue and tribe. This I have seen. In this hour we pray that your word touches the far reaches of the earth, even the hidden tribes.

Lord, Your word says that this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the ends of the earth and then the end shall come – help us to get up and Go. Lord your word says that at your name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess you as Lord. You promise that if men call on you , repent from their sins and wicked ways, you will hear from heaven and heal the land. This is the message we must preach.

Today Lord, we come for healing and restoration for the many parts of our world. Parts where seeds have been planted and going down deep taking root. We pray for just the right balance of irrigation from your servants. We pray that nothing will be disturbed or forced into being before its time. We pray that all will be done to the honor and glory of your name.

Lord, we acknowledge that we can do nothing of our selves but through your power and spirit and might we can do all things. Use us.

We can do all things through our prayers and through our brothers and sisters who go to plough the field and scatter the good seed on the land. We are all part of one body – you have taught us through your son David that both he that goes and he that stays behind, are part of the joy when souls are won. We rejoice in all you have done and are doing through the seed.

Lord your word says , Paul planted , Apollos watered but you (and only you) give the increase. Help us not to merchandise the flock , count or seek aggrandisement for our numbers or fish caught . We know this can bring pride and takes focus from you . You are the accountant and keeper of the books and ledgers …Multiply all our efforts as we tryst with your blessed Holy Spirit in prayers and sacrifice. Let us see your goodness always in the land of the living.

We pray for strength for all the fledging ministries just starting out. We pray also for those that have put their trust in you these many years crying on their knees and hidden in closets. We pray for those who have seen your provision but who may also have suffered loss. Strengthen and encourage Lord. Remind them that you do all things well.

In a time of shaking , let men and women and children who wait for your law, not lose hope. You are the light in the darkness and it remains. , Continue to dispel all our doubts and fears.

Lord we pray for individual ministers called out and going out in your name. Let them/us always remember who sent us and that you will always provide for and qualify the call.

Lord, you feed the sparrow . Make provision for these loved ones both spiritual and physical. Give them true manna from heaven – manna that if a man eats will never be hungry . Give them the true water of life that if a man drinks , he will never thirst.

Let there be cups full of blessings forever running over and touching lives.

Lord when some trust in chariots and horses or football stars or teams… let our total dependency be on you. Help us to be good stewards of the manifold blessings you have given us. Not for lip service or to please men, but in singleness of heart, let us do of your good pleasure.

Lord your eyes run to and fro the whole earth on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect before you . You will fight the many battles , the physical, spiritual , financial and societal battles. We have and will sign on the dotted line with you. We are part of the eternal covenant. We know some have not yet resisted to blood, that greater battles are coming and we need to be wise. We know that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, rulers of darkness , spiritual wickedness in high places.

Help us to stand.

Bring down these demonic cohorts in your mighty name. We place Satan under our feet and we crush and bruise his head today as you have given us authority to do so.

Lord, see the fields are white ready for harvest . You first showed us. You have said : It is time. We see your church reforming , resetting , a warrior bride ; We are ready to fight . We have our army boots on ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and for the sake of your name.

We declare today and every day that ‘so mightily grows your word, and prevails .

We wont be cowed, nor silenced in spreading and sharing your heart or your word. Your word is prevailing in market places, school rooms, ivory towers, palace and parliaments. Your word prevails when planted rightly in the hearts of men. Wake us up Blessed Holy Spirit with the word of God in our hearts in our minds and on our lips and for the saving of souls.

We have no other argument , we have no other plea, it is enough that you died and that you died to set all men free.

Linda J UK


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