I am writing this during a period of recuperation. I was very poorly last night, but the fire of God is in me today and he has been instructing me to write and he has been giving me titles for books. I actually heard the contents being read of one and it is far beyond my ken….

I wont cover all today as this is my first day of feeling better. I have one day and then I am back to square one. No its not Covid but sometimes the Lord slows me down to take me away from the masses and to speak to me quietly.

None of us know how long we have on this earth. We have been given by reason of service 3 score and 10. I am a little way off that … but these are perilous days.

What I want to share here are a few things the Lord gave me pertaining to present time and also Covid. I have shared them where I was instructed and here I will simply summarize. This has been my life works and the call for the hour.

Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit has said and is saying to the churches.


1. Dream of Rapture – i had a dream of rapture in about 2009 . I know because i was pastoring in Reading and i had a dream one night that the Lord broke through the clouds. What was interesting was that some of the church people were hiding ie those who appeared staunch were crying under the window ledge of the house . I thought why? Then it was a no brainer. They simply weren’t right or ready.

2. In a second dream just before this time, i saw the Lord on his white horse faithful and true. The reins were made out of diamonds and the horse looked like he was conquering and still to conquer. The Lord was at the front and someone else I recognize. That person is still alive.

2017 – i saw a picture of Donald Trump ostracized and under guard and the work peach in the dream – i know now it relates to impeachment but i also saw that teh Lord sent his servant to Donald Trump and Donald acquiesced.

The Lord did not show me whether Biden or Trump were to win and i dont go to the Lord with any questions. He just brings things in the night.

2018/2019 The Lord showed me about the misalignment in the church – there is a disconnect . As i am writing , my own view is that the reason why the statistics are so against the UK is that neither the churches are pulling together – its all a facade. The church and the state are not working together. Instead of having masses in the House allowing people to pray and have time for personal grief , prayer and comfort we see the masses going down into the abyss and we are doing and saying nothing but playin church – doing business as usual. You cant pray or push. No one stirs themselves. We will be accountable.

March/April 2020

The Lord showed me what had happened in the Covid crisis . He said ‘it is out of the bag’ and that it was manmade. He showed me the Michelin man which depicted the prestige and force that was being levied. Small head and large body is what is significant.

He showed me the two variants at the school door- they were depicted as bees. I. Understood it to mean a new strain. It wasn’t time for the children to return to school.


There are two more critical visions the Lord has brought me but i am not at liberty to share here, because the individuals would easily be identified. Mine is not to shame but to warn.

All have sinned and come short of the mercies of God. Let us all examine ourselves how we stand – We know not all Israel is Israel but that it is time for the gossip, games and the back slapping and frivolity to end. It is a stench to Fathers nose. There are people dying around us.

Yours in Yashua’s Name

Evangelist Linda J UK


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