My daughter will confirm that in our garden we have a bird table and no matter how much we put and spread bird seed on it, the birds it was intended for , will not/have or visit the table and the seed stays on it until they go off…

It is so strange as there is a roof and covering and shelter and whilst they will fly to the fence and are able to reach, they will not visit the bird table. On the other hand the large fat pigeons and squirrels will make an exerted and determined effort to get to the seed but with great difficulty. This word was indeed coming . I watched this very week as a large pigeon get on the roof of the bird table and try to bend his neck into and through the opening by standing on the roof. Alas, his claws wouldn’t allow him to grip onto the slate roof and I watched (with a chuckle) as he slid down unceremoniously, falling to the ground.

The reluctance of the birds to eat off the table has been incredulous to me and for over a two years; they will eat the fat balls (my daughters idea) that hang from the tree , but No, they wont touch the table.

Today, I get this word and revelation and the impetus to write.

Father showed me that this picture. He is saying Linda, what you see is the same picture and reality He sees as his children refuse to eat at his table. He reminds me of His word: All day long ….He stretches out his hand to a stiff necked and gainsaying people, who continue to refuse him. His word says that ‘He prepares a table for us and in the presence of our enemies, but in truth many of us are oblivious of the spread and the delicacies there and so we remain base ….and continue to scratch around.

God however has been merciful. He shows (and is showing) that He waits patiently and watches over us. He has also protected what is ours, so that predators , usurpers cannot gain access; they can look and poke and vie from afar , but they cannot gain access to what has been properly put aside for us. He shows that they will fall to the ground.

I see again this morning the little birds on the ground picking between the pebbles for food – they are still scratching around , the seed hasn’t been touched. Again, the Lord would have me share that he didn’t make us to go scratching around and digging for left over scraps to eat . Rather, he has he set a table for us . He has seated us right next to him , in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers.

Stop Scratching Around…!!!

It is a new season which has caused us to review and reflect where we are in the things of the kingdom. I pray as the days unfold that we will get a greater and deeper revelation of who we are in Him and our provision in God. He has made us a little lower than the angels and as his children we are held in high regard crowned with glory and honor. If we find ourselves hungry and scratching around, then we need to examine why that might be as it is not of God.

God has made provision for us . He says in His word , that if we as earthly parents know how to respond to the needs and request of our earthly children, how much more He who made us wants to give us good things . He who owns the wealth of the world in His hands, is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever think or ask and He has good plans for us – for us to prosper and to achieve an expected end.

Today as I review and reflect, I pray that we will view the land like Joshua and walk surefooted into possessing what is ours by inheritance and stop scratching around. God has a table set and we need to come as all things for us has been prepared and are ready.


Lord we know and declare that the earth is yours and the fullness thereof and as children of God we can be partakers of those multiple blessings if we just step up to the plate , to the table, to your hand and your heart.

Father forgive us

Forgive us when we have turned our noses up at what you have sent and provided for us.

May we be pleased to humble ourselves to receive what you have laid out for us.

Lord we thank you because even in our ignorance, you have not allowed predators to exact upon us. Your hand continues to protect the seed, to cover and protect us and you good give us our daily bread.

Thank you for your food , your provision and protection on every side. May our eyes be open to see who you are and the wonders of your working power and provision in this season.

Evangelist Linda J UK


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