Water cum a mi yeye (sic)

My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’. Psalms 73:26 .

Some of you know that I am awaiting an inpatient appointment as I have what I am going to call ‘poorly bones’. At the beginning of this year I saw God’s hand move in my life to preserve it and to extend healing and recovery, but I am still in need of medical intervention, which will slow me down and incapacitate me for a significant period.

Anyone who knows me well and who has lived with me, know I am usually the first one up and also that I don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t feel , I have just found another way to deal with pressure and grief. I’m still the first one up….and my default mode remains Joy..!!!

Last night however ‘water cum a mi yei (eye)….’. Do you know the Caribbean song?

It had been a grueling day in the heat and my bones were hurting me. On my mind was the programme of medical intervention that I will need to go through. It will be gruelling and if I could, I would want to get out of it. I didn’t let the tears fall ( but I so wanted to bawl ) – instead I found myself praying (in my chest) for all those who had asked for prayer this week and those who the Lord had brought to mind as I lay there.

As a soldier (with responsibilities), I realize you don’t get the luxury of licking your wounds or grumbling, but Father expects you/us to keep on keeping on. What can I say ? We have Elijah’s strength and not feets (sic) …of clay. I thank him for his continued presence and grace.

You know, the Lord usually speaks to me in the night. He has done since 2004 when he spoke to me audibly – told me who I was and what he had called me for. I hang onto this when all seems dreary.

As I slept last night, I heard (in the middle part of the night) the words: ‘you can cope with anything because your are mature and (you are /or you have) supernatural life….!!!!’

I woke pondering these words and the dream I had had last week of my old late Gp (Dr Das) anointing my two feet with oil. As a child, Dr Das would always come out no matter what time of day my mother called him. He was a good doctor and he saw me through difficult days of asthma and bronchitis in the coldest of UK September days.

I have come to know that Father uses these pictures and metaphors in the night to comfort us and remind us that he is still in control. In this vision He was reminding me that He is the Doctor and Healer and showing me how he anoints our feet with oil.

The Psalmist also wrote that ‘my flesh and heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’. Psalms 73:26 . May I encourage you with these true words and for any situation that you have faced, or are facing or those that your loved ones face.

I know that I am the blessed of the Lord and the righteousness of God, only in Christ Jesus and none ( I repeat none…) of my steps will fail.

Yes, I have an appointment to keep with a local hospital…… but eventually (and more importantly) with the King of Kings. At that time, He will not only restore my poorly bones, but he will examine and restore my heart.

The late Derek Prince – a master in deliverance ministry (who also spent significant periods ill in hospital during his early call), would say he had come to learn that ‘our disappointments are God’s appointments’ and at times like these the objective is for God to get our attention and to draw us closer to himself .

Let me finish with this my dear brothers and sisters ie birth and church (and I draw from the Apostle Paul ) when I say : that the hardships I have suffered and am suffering has at times been difficult to bear. During the pandemic we know the sentence of death has been seen and felt all around us . At times (having poorly bones) I might (if God had allowed) have despaired for my life. But I am still standing and my hope continues to be built on the solid rock, who is Christ Jesus.

What has my experiences to date shown me – ie those physical , financial, emotional and spiritual challenges ? It has shown me to cast my cares on Him, because He continues to cares for me.

The first victory is that God has delivered me from the sting of eternal death through salvation in His son, Jesus and the finished work of the cross. Secondly , He will continue to deliver me from every circumstance and from the mouth of dragon. He is able also to deliver you.

Do feel free to share and to share the message of salvation with your loved ones. It’s a free gift and the time is very late.

Have a great day .

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

Writing in a time of convalescence.


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  1. Yes he will Linda. I am dealing with a few medical issues and I know the hurting in your bones pain maybe not the same. A few months ago a sister and I were talking about psalm 34 and listening to The sing of the same, I am awaiting an op but before I knew this, I heard and felt the very tangable presence of the Lord as though he was sitting across from me with his hand under his chin when he pointed and said, ” Have I not healed you before” so please take heart my sister Father has got this all in hand, he is with you on the journey telling you to lean into him, to spend time in His presence. Remember Paul’s words in Phillipeans 4 v 13 he had many years of suffering and the Lord sustained him in the lean times and times of plenty. We need him every minute of every day.
    Love you my warrior princess sister 👑🛡️🗡️

    • Good morning Lynn . My how your faith and confidence in scripture grown . So lovely to read and feel the Lord working through you. May he continue to meet you at the point of your need. 🙋🏾‍♀️❤️

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