“He suffered no man to do them wrong, he reproved kings for their sakes.

Psalms 105:13-16

I had this dream upon my bed . It was a strange dream. I saw a group of people in a game/gathering on a court. The dream looked like it was happening in a prison yard – it was dark. The objective appeared to be to score with the ball given you. There were lots of individuals. I had seen at the onset that there was a sound ball, one that had air for an individual to play successfully. There was a person who was doling out the balls, but I could see that this person was handing out inferior balls. There didn’t appear to be any intent or malice on her part, but it was clear she was missing it and kept handing out balls that had no air and that wouldn’t score or do the job it was meant to.

In the dream, I could see what was going on and the disadvantage for the individual . I took the initiative to seek to find the right ball ie the ball i had seen which was the correct ball for the person who was standing in turn. This was a ball with air and that could bounce and score.

I could also see on a large tray to be handed out to all something that looked like drugs and that the floor of the yard was covered with what looked like acid. I saw myself setting to with a long handed steel brush successfully removing the residue.

Interpretations belong to God, but if there is a word for us let us as individuals or the collective Body, let us seek to explore what that might be.

It was not a straight forward dream but I feel it speaks of short changing and deception. The Bible says that Father has given us everything pertaining to godliness but somewhere along the line and because of the first fruits of the fall, we can fall into bad company, into deception and can be deceived. We all are aware of the hold that drugs and narcotics have had on our generation and i need not spend too much time on this as it speaks for itself.

In the dream there were different roles and positions and so in the natural God has many individuals who are in positions of leadership or responsible for doling out resources or judgments. The Bible says we as believers we are kings and priests unto God – what a role and a blessing…!!! In the time of King David this was his role as king and he was known as a man after Gods own heart. Apart from his acknowledged sin with Bathsheba , he was known for his love of righteousness, equality, fairness and justice. 1 Chronicles 16:2-5 records it as follows

‘ ..and he dealt to everyone of Israel both man and woman to every one of loaf of bread and a good piece of flesh and flagon of wine. And appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord and to record and to thank and praise the Lord God Of Israel’ .

Here we see there was appointment and assignments for individuals as ordained – this was good provision /blessings and no one was sent away empty.

Today, in sharing this dream I seek to do a number of things . I want to give God thanks for Jesus who came to right all wrongs and to bring justice to the earth. I also want to encourage those who may have suffered sleights over the years because of birth origin, sex, race, culture physical ability or because of the spirit of jealousy covetousness and hatred in the heart of man , short changed them somehow along the way. Yes, for some there has been a set up or the handing out a dud ball to play the game – (so to speak) and indeed substances that we know does no one any good.

I want to say to that person who feels they cant seem to break the pattern or make headway or who may have been embroiled in this spirit of deception and deceit, that there is still hope if we can listen to Him and his word. Whether in the prison or palace, it is not how you start but how you end which is what is important and i speak about spiritual matters here. You fight with a victor if you join the kingdom and army of God, for He has already done it two thousand years ago. The scripture says many are our afflictions as servants of God but that He will reprove kings for your sake. All things work together for good to those who are the called according to his purposes. Romans 8:28 . There is a justice and judgement coming for the things that go on behind walls and under the shadow of darkness. But I know and am fully persuaded, that the man or woman of God and the one who remains steadfast in Him, will never be disappointed.

Just as depicted in the dream and throughout biblical history , God has his man or woman in post and position to act on his behalf and for others and to bring about just weights and balances in certain matters. Hold on. There are things that will be rectified in this life, but also an appointed time in eternity for others when all wrongs concerning you/us will be righted.

I speak to the leadership of the Body in particular when I say that the Lord admonishes us that we should behave fairly towards the household of faith and execute judgement and righteousness towards the stranger whenever we can , delivering them out of the hand of the oppressor. We should keep our eyes open to systems that perpetuate unfairness. We should do no violence to another (not with tongue or sword) no, not to the fatherless or the widow or the divorced woman… We should have a proper understanding of the games that can and are being played by the deceiver, through those who have given him access and through his tools. There should be no favoritism nor cliques,neither should we shed innocent blood. On the contrary, it is okay to challenge unfairness and injustice (and we do it when the occasion presents). We are at liberty to speak the truth in love and remember mercy should always triumph over judgement.


Lord, we want to acknowledge that all have sinned and come short of your glory and that your word tells us our hearts (in its fleshy state) is desperately wicked. We thank you that you speak to us in a myriad of ways including dreams and visions . We thank you that you have put us all in the body for a reason and a season and that none of us are above your word.

Lord, you have made us all in your own image and given us a choice of whom we will serve regardless of our personal circumstance. You have asked us to be fair and to love one another even as you have loved us.

We ask you for your continued light to be shed on our ways so that we can right any wrongs. Lord if we are responsible for anyone’s imposition, pain or suffering we ask for forgiveness. If we have short changed another (intentionally or unintentionally) Lord give us opportunity to love again and remedy situations. Help us to be just and fair in all we say or do.

Lord your all seeing eye searches through the whole earth looking for those whose hearts are perfect towards you. We can only be perfect through a relationship with you. We strive for perfection but we know we are only made perfect through the marks which were made on your body for us and our acceptance of washing of water and by your word. Lord, I know that your desire is not to leave us disadvantaged, but to bring light to us where there is darkness. Let your mercy triumph over judgement.

In this hour, may you find us, watching and waiting, with our cups clean and our houses swept. Indeed, remove anything from our houses, homes, foundations that may be acrid or bitter and let there be truth and a clean sweep in our lives and in all our affairs.

Linda J UK


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