I was having a good natter with my blood sister last evening. We were sharing about the saga of Covid and isolation. Her daughter is over from Italy and has to isolate for the whole week she is here as she is from a red country… !!!! I closed the conversation by saying ‘what a nightmare, but Jesus soon come.. !!!! ‘

This morning , I am thinking what a blessed hope – Jesus soon come… !!!! Many years ago I dreamt about the rapture . I saw the sky open . Jesus had come. Some people were ready , some were not – some of the not ready people were prominent church people. I had been shocked in the dream about this.

This morning I am also thinking in the time of Noah, they were going about their normal lives , it was raining but many people didn’t see the urgency of the situation that the door of the ark was about to close.

We can be in the same mode and attitude as the people of Noah’s day. We get used so much bad news and reports that nothing seems to stir us again. We become what I am calling ‘Covid competent’ and in our arrogance we say ‘next – bring it on’ . We can also be saying quietly under our breaths when reminded of the hour , ‘there she goes again , scare mongering, pronouncing gloom and doom … and we close down. We continue to go about our business – devoid of the urgency and reality of the time. Devoid of feeling, living recklessly and gambling the hope and salvation, that was given us at the cross . But Jesus soon come..!!

In the book of Genesis 7:17 we read these things : The flood was forty days upon the earth and the waters increased … and the waters prevailed and were increased greatly ……

In dreams, revelation and interpretation of similes and symbols, water can be symbolic for troubles and oppression. But this was an actual historic event and is also there for our learning.

It was the Apostle Paul writing to his ‘son’ Timothy in the book of 2 Timothy 3, who warned about the perils that would be coming in the last days . The chapter is worthy of review if we are in any doubt that what we are seeing in our time is not the fore telling of what was predicted long ago.

I don’t want to say much more than that today, but just feel led to just say (and using my Jamaican dialect ) “Jesus soon come”.

May the Lord help us to remain vigilant and watchful.

With Fathers richest blessings

Evangelist Linda J UK


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