I had a wonderful experience today. Let me share it – that is how we overcome.. !!!

Well our house alarm has not been operative for two years , so we had the man in. He was a young man and his age took me by surprise. He was here for over an hour, but not before I was able to share my testimony , current circumstances and the free gift of salvation.

It all started when he shared that his mother was unwell . So we had a common link to discuss health challenges, medication and the plight that is on the world at the moment.

He has had a number of losses and bereavement and I could feel his heart and so could Father. I felt Father say, ‘Linda he has been here in your home for this length of time and for a reason – tell him about me, share your testimony’ .

Well I did and it resulted in him sharing his own experience of what I believe was the Holy Spirit intervening in a near fatal car crash he had had, and how he had heard ‘the voice’ saying he would be alright. This incident had changed his life.

I continued to share as led by the Lord ie ‘where did he think he would be spending eternity. I heard myself quoting ‘it is appointed unto man once to die but after death , the judgement’

I can’t describe properly what happened today as it was very deep, but I was able to share about the free gift , not of works, and he listened. He understood . I felt a divine exchange was taking place even though I am not firing on all cylinders at the moment. My Father works so I also worked – but not of the letter because the letter kills, but the spirit (that which works in us to do of his pleasure) brings life. What i find is that there is not a stock response to sharing the gospel , you have to share as led – no more no less. What i am saying is that you can overcook the goose , if you are not careful and you need to know when to let go and let God.

This young man was from a Sikh family background, but very westernized and with a young family. Our backgrounds were similar as we knew the same neighborhoods and our parents common history of integration into British society and the challenges. He said he has never shared his experience with anyone before as many people would think he was mad. I said, they think I am mad also ……but I don’t care because I know what I know and I know what have i seen and felt. We both agreed that people would prefer to believe in a supernatural movie by Spielberg rather than to believe in the power of the living God.

I told him the Lord is on his case and he has a special call which the Lord will reveal in his own good time. He smiled.

Paul Planted, Apollos watered, our God will give the increase.

Keep taking advantage of those divine set up opportunities. Sound the alarm. The world is waiting.

Evangelist Linda J UK


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