From Grace To Government

I have been trying to write this word for about a week. It is probably not ‘cooked’ yet but i need to put my thoughts down on paper or i will miss the important ‘servings’.

What i want to cover is movement that we don’t just anchor in the grace and stay stuck but we do something with the grace that has been bestowed on us to bring kingdom in.

Many years a go the lord gave me a dream about the ‘fat pastors’. Those just gorging themselves and getting fat but doing nothing with the substance. The word and rebuke is for all of us. How often we find ourselves getting sluggish. Self satisfied that we are saved but denying the power of God in us to do the works necessary for this hour. We need to move from grace to government.

The Bible says the government will be on his shoulder. If the government is on his shoulder and we are part of him and in alignment it means we are in close proximity and to run and to do of his good pleasure. He has given us delegated responsibility to do of his good pleasure. So often we dont do , we just sit and design yet another course for the masses to sit and eat and gorge. We need to move from grace to government.

Let me share something else….

I have had the joy and blessing of chairing multi disciplinary meetings for the best part of my career. Around 2006 the Lord showed me what he meant by grace in the role. Grace is unmerited favor – ie you didnt do anything to deserve the favour or access. He also showed me that grace is a spirit – it has dimensions if you like.

As i chaired my multi disciplinary meetings , I realised that i had the power to make or sway decisions this way or that for that child or family. Being a Christian , i like to think i did not abuse that power but used it to bring kingdom in and was able to be touched by the circumstances before me and with wisdom , assist in bringing about the best option or care plan for that child or family. In a nutshell, the role required me to move from grace to government . I saw the need and was sympathetic, but at some point I had to move from the seeing and knowing, move from compassion to caring to a position of delivering that care. This is what I mean when i say moving from grace to government.

Many Christian’s need to make the shift to shift their old paradigms to be able to take on board what God wants to do in this hour. Father is not wanting to use old wine skins to put new wine in. We are in a new season – a new grace period if you like and it is time to move and mete out not only the spirit of grace and truth, but to govern and to govern well. To bring kingdom in.

I will write move on the piece, but these are my preliminary notes…

God bless you

Evangelist Linda J UK


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