This is a precise of the book 4th Dimensional Living in a 3 dimensional world. The author is the late Dr David Yong-Gi Cho.

I attempted yesterday to briefly summarize some of the main first chapter points via video blog, but given the different learning styles, this brief outline my be of added and better value.

What I can say is , as I was reading it (as one does with books written by anointed writers) is that I was getting revelation and a depth (you know , the churning and turning of the Holy Spirit) bringing things back to my remembrance and encouraging me to do something with it.

A beautiful prayer came as I read the book which I wrote out as the Holy Spirit led me – This is a personal prayer but can be used tweaked to be used generically (if one chooses)and which includes the thrust of the summary points of the first chapter written as an invitation by the author for us to essentially , come up higher.

I have not finished the book but from the first two chapters there is so much meat. I don’t intent to precise the whole book either..but may this whet your appetite for more.

The author gives his account of his own level of faith and the experiences he has had. He is honest in sharing his early ignorance and the shift he made from theorising , writing about it, preaching about it, to doing it. We read an account of the feet of a man growing back out. This and other experiences is proof positive that we can do the works of God through faith and from a fourth dimensional reality, and in our time. In doing so , he gives the reader an invitation to come up to the level of the higher calling which was made possible in Christ Jesus.

He describes us as having ‘infinity within’ – having a physical body which sits within both time and space and its continuum very much like our Father, God.

Time, belongs to eternity but also includes eternity – ‘the in and out and round and about’ if you like – and this is my emphasis here.

The 4th dimension is both time and space- part of the 3 dimensional realm, with the element of time added to it. The author states that the 4th dimension is the spirit realm, a world of spirit, a world that completely transcends the physical world” p 7

In the past I have ministered on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heaven and whilst teaching and pastoring in Berkshire. Here the author expounds on the dimensions of the 3rd and 4th which sits within and above. My interest is that we don’t just keep learning about these things or teaching them, but going out and doing them, getting Father’s work done,

Many of you will know the scripture ‘we are seated with him in heavenly places’ (see Ephesians 2) . This heavenly place would be the 4th dimension realm in the throne room courts of heaven. There sits God, Jesus and us ……and it is there (as born again Christians) we reign from. But also remember that Satan also has access to this dimension and can make accusations against us as he did in the story of Job.

As I write (and to make it clear) as human beings we are both sitting there (4th dimension) and down here (3rd dimension), but we have to see it , with the eyes of the spirit and by faith if we are going to appropriate what has being given us and if we are to see kingdom come and things begin to change.

The author uses a few points re the thinking that will be necessary to live 4th dimensional living.

These are

Our Thinking,

Our Faith,

Our Dreaming


Our Words.

He brings to life, the scripture ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for …. ‘ (see Hebrews Chapter 11 for a discourse on faith). Essentially us seeing those things which are not , as though they were – dreaming.

My review of the book brought back to memory a number of accounts of knowning this happens and what we can do with the power invested in us.

Here are a few accounts :

*A healing prayer I was part of – termed aggressive healing by the local doctors at the time. (Reading 2009). I saw the change as I prayed in the spirit realm with others.

*Ministry to individuals recovering from depression, addiction and seeing immediate change after prayer. (Lithuania 2008), I saw the change happening as I prayed.

*My own house purchase and the supernatural way wisdom and provision was made – even before I asked. (2018/2019). I had no money…I saw myself living there as I sat viewing on a particular day. The Lord opened the financial floodgates and I gave me so more than I had ever thought or ask for. I moved in, in January 2019.

*My memory of being healed from asthma as a teenager after asking God and standing in faith so I could attend a youth event. I saw myself healed and singing my song on stage. I have never had an asthma attack since nor requiring hospitalisation for same.

Supernatural wisdom and information and warnings about events, happening and outcomes during the night (since 2006). Many events have come to fruition, giving warning, advantage to me and others.

*My own experience of feeling the wounding in my body and spirit as a particular individual usurped and spoke to me on an occasion thus bringing on this current ill health sickness. (2020). My current learning is how the tongue and how we speak to each other, can maim and destroy and because of where we sit. Remedy is forgiveness and Jesus.

*My recent experience of my own access and visit to the throne room and seeing and receiving my healing. (March 2021).

This then would be my experiences of 4th dimension reality – the blessing happening in our time, which we can all appropriate and which the author expounds on.

I cannot do justice in a precise to the real depth and value of this book and again invite you to purchase. In writing and prompting the invitation, the author hopes to contribute to the building of of what he calls the 5-fold gospel. He sets these out as






Whilst you are waiting to purchase your own copy, hold onto these key scriptures that the author shares :-

Holy spirit dwells in us – Roman 8:11

Holy Spirit frees us from the law of sin and death Romans 8:1-2

Holy Spirit enables us to become sons of God John 1:12

Holy Spirit helps us to enjoy the blessings he has prepared John 3:2

All things needed to return us ‘back to factory settings’ (again my terminology and emphasis) was finished on the cross . It is what ‘you believer’, ‘see’ and what you ‘say’, that will take you over to the next level. We already know that the bible warns that ‘without a vision the people perish’ . We perish because of lack of knowledge.

Here is the prayer I prayed, as my own faith was refreshed and lifted on reading. Please feel free to use and adjust to suit your own trysting. Always feel you can approach me for clarity on any point, or for prayer or indeed forgiveness…


Lord, your creative work that you started in me at the point of my mother’s conception, I bring to you .

You are sovereign Lord , over my world and over my body parts .

You control my very being. You see my every need.

Lord you commanded, “let there be light”

You are instructing me to command and you have released miracles in my mouth.

By the knowledge you have bestowed upon me and in the faith I have in your sovereign rule, over everything; by my faith in you as healer and Savior of the world, let your Holy Spirit now hover over my mortal body in the 3 dimensional world encased in time and eternity and bring 4th dimensional infinity and eternal healing, to every part.

Let now healing come to my blood cells

My inner most parts

I see my insides as totally healed and restored back to factory settings…

I was not made by man or a woman, but you Sovereign Lord and all your works are excellent, mighty and done in Truth.

The Truth is Lord, you did not make anything defective, but defect fell on us from the result of the fall and the divine laws of sin , which continues when we sin against you and against others.

I know that in the 4th dimension, all matters concerning me/us was cleared up on the cross.To eradicate disease and death and to rejuvenate with the light of life given thru Jesus, Yashua our saviour . Jesus, was the perfect sacrifice free from spot and blemish.

The transaction mode to give us eternal access to 4th dimension benefits ie light , restoration, healing, reversed everything that seeks to circumvent the reality of those plans for my life was cleared up in the work of the cross and through no one else, but Jesus.

I endorse my covenant rights to draw from this inheritance and his life blood.

I command your true light and blood to permeate my body

I declare Jesus came from the 4th dimension and lived in a 3 dimensional world and now exists back in the 4th . He lives in us through his blessed Holy Spirit . I know that He is holding my hand as advocate and interceding for me right now . As he was/is so are we in this world. He died so that we might be saved, so that we might do as he did , and bring many to repentance.

I declare not only am I the healed of the Lord in any area of spiritual or physics sickness, but am blessed of the Lord and his righteousness.

As I close this review on the 28/10/21 , I give thanks to the ministry of the late Dr Yongi Cho and others who plant seeds. Their work lives on in us, as does the work of Jesus Christ.

I pray for the individual reading this that their eyes will be opened and that they will feel moved to explore what you might be saying to them personally and at this time.

In His Service

Evangelist Linda J UK

October 2021

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