The Last Day of the Feast

We thank God for his blessed Holy Spirit, without which we would not know what to do or what to say. For two days now the Lord has been bringing me the scripture :-

In the last day , that great day of the feast , Jesus stood and cried , saying, if any man thirst , let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water’ St John 7:37-38

Jesus was of course referring to the Holy Spirit which at that point had not been received by men, because He himself had not yet been glorified. You will go onto read in Acts 2 and the fulfillment of the same, when the disciples waited in the upper room and were subsequently filled with the Holy Spirit.

Two things jump out for me from this word which the Lord is currently bringing and the first one is ‘the last day’.

All over the news we are hearing it is the last bugle call to do something about climate change and nations are gathering together to debate in an attempt to fix. All our merchandising and using the land has caused such damage that we are beginning to see and feel the effects. With the eyes of the spirit I see that there is a direct corollary and it is the last call before the door of mercy closes. You don’t necessarily have to be a seer or a watchman to read the sign of the times. We are in the last days. The signs are stark and obvious and staring us right in the face. Ask yourself, what are we going to do for an encore, when we butcher ourselves, butcher the land and butcher each other , is my question. Changing things to suit ourselves and piling sin on top of sin. We have gone too far.

This word is perhaps a salutary one for those who say they know the Lord, but it is not exclusive. May the church hear what the Spirit is saying to it at this time. The time for happy clappy and patting each other on the back for dead works is over. The bugle call has gone out. But is anyone thirsty enough?

The second imperative is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You can know God but you need to receive of him ie his blessed Holy Spirit. You can do the mechanical works of God and hold onto multiple titles and positions for the rest of your life, but only the anointing will break the yoke and breathe life into others. In the natural, conception does not happen unless there is consummation- so it is in the the things of the spirit. If something gets in the way, if the womb is hard, the sperm cannot reach the egg – it is as simple as that. We need to humble ourselves, leave off the works of the flesh and to run after the things of the Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit room in our hearts, lives and services – stop manufacturing and merchandising. Let God be God. People are waiting. Listen what the Spirit has said and is saying to the churches. : You are to be born of the water, the spirit and the blood. Leaders, teachers, pastors, evangelists prophets, anything else is dead works, religion or idol worship. Stop, regurgitating and stock piling the dead wood. Give the people fresh food and water to drink. Bring them in.

As I think about St John 7:37 , I see my savior standing up with arms wide with the invitation on the last day of the feast. Oh how wide are his everlasting arms. This was a foretelling of things to come and what to do . In his mercy he cried out and gave warning. He is still crying out . He is still imploring.

You may feel that you have been a sincere Christian for over 20 years. I was in the same boat – attending church faithfully, but I didn’t know the Lord. I had a theoretical knowledge of God and wanted to be good, but I didn’t know the God of the Bible until I challenged him to show me himself. What I can tell you is that the scriptures do not lie, because when we do ask and come , believing, rivers of living water does flow out of your inner most being.

It is that river that sustains, feeds and washes and moves one throughout their Christian life. It is that river that i draw from today for you and it keeps us in and under the tabernacle of the Most High.

The Bible says unless you have the stamp, the seal, the spirit of God, you are none of His. The urgent call is “Come”, our feasting days are over. It is getting late.

Let us put down all our stuff , all that we think we know and humble ourselves under his mighty hand. Many are depending on us. It is at that time He will exalt us and we will see the true sustainable works of God.

He wants to know you.

The promise of the Father is for us and our children.

Written in His Name

Evangelist Linda J UK



Father, we thank you for the gift of your Blessed Holy Spirit, without which we would be dead men,

Lord, we want to always be open to hear from you and what you are saying in this hour to the churches. Lord , none of us are above your word and we all come short of your glory. Our flesh nature gets in the way of us hearing and seeing and we often harden our hearts to our own peril.

Lord, you keep sending your sons and daughters even coming yourself to warn. You are warning us by the unfolding of events to which you are allowing time. You are sovereign Lord and you will step in according to your divine rule and principle for righteousness and justice. Lord . It is not your will that any one of us should perish or stay in darkness and we ask today that you take away the scale from our eyes and remove the darkness. Remove the things that keep us ensconced with sinful practices . The things that we think ‘look like’ but are not You at all. Lord remove every thing that usurps itself against and above the knowledge of you. It is in you we move and have our being not in a man, machine or ministry.

Lord the flock have been bruised and mishandled for so many years. People trampled over for the advancement of man made ideologies and practices. We have put time limits and brakes on your free flow and we have fed the people with stale milk and rancid food.

Lord our desire is for the holy offering that you offered , once and for all . Position those who know you and are called by your name in this hour. Remove cliques, clubs and gatherings that have no stamp, seal or identity in you or with you. Let the people have a chance and a hope in meeting the true living God.

Lord , we want the serious engrafted word that is able to save our souls. Away with titivating, the rap, rhymes, drums, sounds and hums that emanate from the pit of hell.

Let every thing be bathe in you and the anointing that break yokes. Remove the imposters Lord. Remove the evil midwives , mothers and fathers which abort, stymy and nullify the righteous seed.

Lord , let the church hear your voice , loud and clear. Speak to us in the night , in our dreams. Arrest our very thoughts. Give us no peace until we see truth.

Let mercy triumph over judgment in all our undertaking. Give us time and space to repent and to be filled with your Holy Spirit.

Lord, if the thirsty soul cries: Fill. Meet us at the point of our need. Often we don’t know how far we have fallen, but show us in this hour before it is too late.

These and other mercies we ask in your Name



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