So I haven’t been dreaming or having clear night visions for a while but last night was different. This is what I dreamt.


I had been left a massive house in an inheritance but it needed remodeling. You could see the house had been opulent and had a former glory. Some people/foreigners had come in running amok leaving faeces on the floor from where they had trod or been treading. I was trying to mop up and tidy up, but there was much opposition. There was a lot going on in the upper rooms which was destructive and chaotic. There was little supervision .

There were other people in the house who also seemed to have some legitimacy there, (although it was clear in the dream that I was primary benefactor) ie holding a level of responsibility to organise and get things done. The others were mature but didn’t seem organised or interested in working together to do first things first. What was clear is that people were busy be building on the rubble, when the floor needed to be washed first and scrubbed of its muck.

I saw a prominent evangelist come in. He was dressed in outdoor clothing and was passing thru. He could see the dilemma and was concerned. He wasn’t responsible for sorting out the house, but he empathised and wished me well. He was going somewhere. He seemed to indicate that time was of the essence and /or running out.

Some doors that were opened needed to be shut and the whole layout rejiggjng so that there would be proper flow and order. There was a point that some East European children had got in (previously rowdy and unsettled) but now they started to change spiritually, settle and to lay down waiting to be tended to. I was conscious we needed to seize the moment and I was to take responsibility for organising the rooms for the different ministries. There was a lot to do. There were not many people wanting to help. Each having a skill (I could see), but going about their own thing in what the dream showed a laissez faire, superficial way. There was a massive stairwell in the middle of the house leading upwards (like the one at a well known UK ministry that has done much good work in the area of healing). I had a sense the building had been used for many large, grand events, but that that time and season was over.

I managed to go outside the building into the yard to see where I could create an open door. I was aware there was a landlord. There were two people in the yard (a man and a woman) who worked for the landlord but I didnt recognize these people in the natural. It was clear in the dream that they could have helped and had a key to let me in, but the dream showed that one was two faced- his head spun round on an axle and he had no intention of wanting to help. He was ‘diametrically opposed’ (just got that word as I was writing this up, this morning) to all I was suggesting or sought . I had to physically scale the building to get to the roof and at risk, but survived. It became clear that a barricade had been positioned over what should have been the proper front access into the living room and the barricades had been built on over the years.

I tore the barricades down and lo and behold there was the living room. I was about getting new labels to indicate (in the interim) the front door/entrance, but again was interrupted and undermined by those not working in concert. There was music playing from a music system but it wasn’t of God. I tried to turn it off. The people were from differing churches that I know, not one main church. They were milling about – many in the kitchen, but no one had put their hand to the plough to work to clean up the house.

That was the dream

Evangelist Linda J



Interpretations belong to God but it may be that there is a word for us from such a detailed dream. This is what it says to me.

I feel the Lord is pointing out the need for the foundations to be restored. It is a global word not just for one specific church or house. The word also has personal application. Let him who hears hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

The dream shows that there is a lot of muck that has come in and out of the House and the Body and there have not been many interested or on hand to clean things up or make reparation. We are more interested in our bellies. Each looks after his own and many vying for positions. There are saboteurs who have no intention on helping. They are double minded and hypocritical . The dream showed they prevent others, remain outside, have no inheritance. They will have their reward.

The house belongs to all of us. It is God’s house, a place of healing and recovery, but there are also pivotal people with responsibility to ensure that the harvest comes in, are looked after and that things flow or are in order. The Lord is concerned about what is being purported as altar or church music.

It is not by might nor by our power but by his spirit why we can scale walls and jump over mountains . We are his hands and ears and eyes. He needs us to say and to do the work. He will send various overseers and helpers at different times, but there are different tasks for all. There is work also for the sheep to do on the ground.

I sensed the dream had a local resonance, but also has wider implications. It can no longer be about events or theatres or ever learning and never been able to come to the knowledge of truth. Time is of the essence. We have put a lot in in terms of teaching, but we have not produced much in terms of necessary or lasting changes that moves people ‘to do’. There are significant people groups right under our noses that need our attention . The dream shows that there is a harvest coming in. We must be on hand and ready to teach them the things of God.

The time is now to get things in order and be positioned in the right place. Know your calling and stay in your lane and don’t get in the way of those the Lord sends or is sending.

Doors need to be opened and we need to pay attention to the flow and what comes in and out. The dream showed that there were things happening behind closed doors, without any monitoring and supervision. We need mature spiritual leaders that can discern , watch and nurture.

The dream shows there is hope and a time of rest and restoration coming . It shows that those things which were causing distress will settle.

We pray for the foundations to be restored and for the House , Father’s House to return to its former glory. We pray against the spirit of competition and opposition, self rule and pride. We ask that God will use our gifts, but and for his glory. Everything else is dead works no matter how pretty or what it might look like on the outside or in the natural.

We pray for the people groups that are marginalised and stigmatised due to birth origins or social and political identity. May we be sensitive to their needs. We ask for justice and open access for all , to the House of God.

Lord, we ask you to remove the wicked landlords, those who are double minded and saboteurs. Remove, those who are stiffnecked and diametrically opposed to your will. Reveal what is happening behind closed doors. Reveal your truth in this hour. Help us to clean up the House and open up the way for others to come in.

We ask for your stairway to heaven to be unblocked so that there is a free flow – our praises going up and your glory coming down.

Let any reordering or realignment be of you not of us. Help us not to fear the faces of men, but to stand up and be counted even when things look dire or are against us. Send in more helpers .

These and other mercies we ask in your Name.

Your daughter Linda J

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