Reviewing Matthew 8

Reviewing Matthew 8
JANUARY 13, 2022

Matthew 8

I wrote this in 2020 (which seems a life time now). The review is not exhaustive .

I write as instructed not necessarily for an audience nor to attract likes…! However, as my daughter is in the book of Matthew, I thought I’d resurrect it, share it with her and cascade wider. The word always locates those God intends it to. It is His word. It is His work.

Oh the beauty and joy of electronic devices – that ‘saves’ materials, ‘keeps’ memories and ‘satisfies’ 🙃It always amazes me to look back on what I wrote in another season and why and whether there is any growth or change to my understanding . Let us use these devices for good and to advance kingdom.

Reviewing Matthew Chapter 8

Matthew 8 touches on the healing ministry of Jesus, but essentially the ability of the individuals to receive what Jesus gives or brings, by faith.

The passage commences with the symbolic message ‘he came down from the mountain ’. A picture to me of Jesus now rolling up his sleeves and getting ready to work… This should have resonance for us ie we have to go up to the mountain to be filled and be connected with God (prayer and fasting) and then come down to do the works of God on the level of the people.

Matthew harmonizes with Romans 10, highlighting that the same faith in us to receive salvation, is the same faith we must exercise to receive or do the works of God. The word of faith is forever close by, even in our mouths and in our hearts as chapter 8 of Matthew exemplifies, by the centurion whose servant was healed and the leper who was cleansed.

With the leper, we see that it was clear that he recognized the inherent power of Jesus and his ability to heal ie ‘you can make me clean’ (emphasis on the ‘can’). He knew it in his heart and he spoke it with his mouth. From the abundant need and belief in his heart , his mouth spoke. He said something. You have to say something… This is the same for salvation and for healing.

With the centurion the delegated authority that he knew Jesus had (akin to the authority he had over his own servants) was sufficient for faith to work on his behalf and from a high level, but he also humbled himself. He said ‘speak the word only’ – ie you dont need to come to my house – Simply put : I understand and accept the anointing on your life, Further, I believe in you and understand chain of commands-let your word now do the work, and it did.

Jesus marveled at the centurion particularly as he had not seen such faith amongst his own people. Elsewhere we see in the scripture he was hampered to do much work amongst his own people, due to their unbelief. Confirming the words in Malachi ‘ from the rising of the sun to the going down the same, my name will be great, amongst the Gentiles’. Malachi 1:11

Thank God for that door that was opened to us to have access to healing and salvation and to become spiritual Israelites.

That said, the Chapter is a salutary reminder of the need to bear fruit worthy of repentance, or the kingdom will be taken away from us and given to those who bring forth (see also later chapter of Matthew 21:43).

What is the message of Matthew 8 ?
Father is seeking personal trust and walk of faith; one that produces submission and obedience . I see this both for the ministered to and the minister.

As can be seen with Jesus and the centurion’s posture .. Jesus came down and did not scorn the leper – the Centurion also humbled himself to receive on behalf of another. He recognized hierarchy even though he too was a man of authority and holding a degree of power. Father is wanting us to bend the knee… and our hearts… he is seeking a positive confession of the acknowledgement of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, not just for ourselves, but to help others.

May God help us. He won’t wait forever – it is very much a whosoever will. Believe it in your heart and confess Him and that thing you desire with your mouth, and it will be yours by faith.
I repeat – it is the same faith and person that you lean on for salvation JESUS -which is the same faith and person that will give you the ‘salve’… salvation…. healing for your body, and address emotional, financial and spiritual issues again for yourself and others .


Father we know that faith without works is dead. We ask that you increase our ability to believe that you came to set the captives free. Healing is our bread and you are just waiting to bestow upon us if we just believe.

Help us to exercise simple faith in what we say and do.
Help us to acknowledge you as Lord and be willing to let you administer your healing power to us and so that we can be free to help and witness to others.

Teach us the good and perfect way to walk in authority and as your ambassadors of the kingdom.

Take not your anointing or your Holy Spirit from us, but empower us to do of your good pleasure.

Help us to trust that you are in control and that we need not be anxious for anything.

Help us to give you a place of rest in our hearts so that you can continue to manifest yourself to us, to the world and to those in need.

With your word (and in our mouths expressed), we know devils, demons , disease and decay will flee, and the sick healed and recover in our churches and the environments you have placed us.

It is time for us to bring forth those precious seeds. Help us to speak the word only.

This I ask in your precious Holy Name

Evangelist Linda J UK

Written 9/1/2020

Edited & Reposted 13/1/22

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