A prayer for Ukraine

Save Ukraine O God, by thy name,
and judge her by thy strength.
Hear the prayer of the people , O God , who stand on this issue with one heart
Give ear to the words of their mouth.
For strangers (nay their own brothers) have risen up against them
oppressor violently seek after their souls: destruction is in the land

Lord God, you are the helper of the helpless , you are with them that uphold the soul of the Ukrainian people
You are with us
You shall reward evil unto our enemies:
You will cut them off in your truth.

We , your people will freely sacrifice unto thee:
We will praise your name at all times , for it is good.

We declare great peace for the Ukraine and restoration for her shores

We know you have (and will) deliver all God fearing nations out of trouble:
We wait for you to execute righteousness and judgement in Ukraine , precepts on which your name stands

We declare our eyes shall see the desire upon our enemies, whenever or wherever they slander, speak or act violently or murderously against us

Linda J UK

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