Prayer for Ukraine 9322

God of all power
Maker and ruler of the universe
We worship you
Lord we wake again having Ukraine on our minds

Lord we lift up those who have been pressed beyond measure
And who have a sentence of death in them
Lord we know only you can deliver from this destruction , this tyranny, this abuse

Lord, we ask that you hold back the iron fist and turn again the captivity of the people
We ask that you restore the breach ,
Make the rough places smooth again and the crooked places straight

Lord let there be a highway to glory in the land
Let people know that it is you that save, it is you that can deliver from the power of the dog

Break the teeth of the adversary
Bind up the bruised and broken
Rescue those hiding in caves and bunkers
Set the people free

Lord, we ask that the light that shines from the knowledge of your glorious gospel
Shine down on Ukraine and across other nations and lands
Let men and women have renewed hope in you

We pray for the leaders of the nations that you will give them wisdom and understanding
We pray that there will be equity and justice for ALL those needing help

You are no respector of persons

Let none think that battles are won by brute force, but by your spirit working power
Work out the plan of victory for your children by revelation , by your quickening and your anointing

Manifest yourself Holy God amongst the nation of Ukraine and her people and let the trumpet be blown
Let the world see that you are the one that can save and none can do this by their own hand,nor in their own strength

Deliver the adversary into the hands of your sons and daughters but let mercy always triumph over judgment.

These and other mercies we ask in your precious holy Name

Linda J UK


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