I couldnt sleep the other night due to what is happening in Ukraine . I took up my iPad and turned over my thoughts on my bed and this came

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Do Something special in Ukraine
We have heard your fame of old of how you drowned out the enemy
By the parting of the sea
Do it again Lord
Do it for Ukraine

We need your intervention NOW Lord
Innocent babies, women men and children are being slaughtered
Threats have been made to ‘show us things the world has never seen before’
Let these threats return onto the head of the one who dares to threaten your heritage

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Circumvent the bombs, the mitres, the weapons of destruction
Let them not even scorch the ground, but be returned to sender

It’s not too late to do something special in Ukraine Lord
The people are depending on you
All other help has had its limitations
There is no time, no will or resources to even bury the dead
We hear that bodies are left out in the gaping wilderness ,
just abandoned on the ground
The last state of a man, worst than the first ?
we have seen this with our own eyes in this siege

There is something strange happening in Ukraine Lord
Something is out of control and the world watches
Truth is being smashed down to the ground
Fake news and reports circle on both sides
One nation is being kept in the dark
Whilst another is having its lights put out

Fear mongering
Scare mongering
Imprisonment, death and destruction
Are the order of each new day

Day and night
Day and night
The bombing , the air raid, the noise,
Fained commitment to cease fires
The deliberate recking of safe spaces and shelter
There is no where to hide, nowhere to run

We are depending on you to do something special in Ukraine Lord
We are looking to you, for we are told that is where help comes from

The world is praying, the world is waiting to see if you are …
and if you are, a covenant keeping God

Did you not say , if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and call on you in prayer that you would hear from heaven and heal their land ?
We are praying, we are waiting on you to honor your word Lord
Do something special in Ukraine

Linda J UK
Prayer Evangelist

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