The Trespasser


In my spare time, I often watch videos on YouTube and in particular videos related to the animal kingdom.

It is amazing how these creatures behave in their surroundings, each animal with their uniqueness in how God created them.

I came across a video that interestingly was set in Israel. Israel has many bird boxes in which different species can take up habitat.

In this video, a family of owls had made a home in one of the boxes and created a nest with new owlets inside. The pair of owls (mother and father) had gone out in the day to get food for these chicks, this meant the owlets were left on their own in this box. Whilst the mother and father were out, an intruder (pigeon) came inside disregarding these owlets and the nest already formed in the box. This trespasser came in along with a mate to make its own nest and lay its eggs inside the owl’s home. During this time the female pigeon in her new nest started behaving territorial and began pecking the poor owlets.

The end of the video resulted in the parents of the owlets returning and the mother owl fighting the pigeon to get it out, as well as causing the pigeon’s egg to crack.

I believe that the Lord often shows us what is happening in the natural world is manifesting in the spiritual. The ‘trespasser’ was seeking to sabotage and to take up territory which was not belonging to them. Like the mother owl defending her home, we should not be subjected to invasion.

We have to stand up against the usurper to protect not only our homes but also our loved ones.


Thank you Lord ,

For opening our eyes and giving us wisdom, often what we see happening in the natural realm is occurring in the spiritual
You reign supreme in both,

Thank you Lord for your provisions,
Protect our homes, our families and loved ones,
Lord let peace reign.

Lord, we pray against any usurper and trespasser.
Protect the younger generation,
Cover our children , Lord
For the seed to not be sabotaged.

Help our physical and spiritual houses not to be infiltrated.
Let us turn to you, Lord
We know our help comest from you Lord

Give us wisdom to stand and fight our battles.
We pray with you on our side, we will not be used or taken advantage of.

In Jesus Name

Amen .

Jaeger. V

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