The slap

And the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to smite him on the mouth. 3 Then said Paul unto him, God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law?

Acts 23:3

I have been sitting on this word for about 10 days. Trying oh so carefully not to jump on the band wagon or to put my ‘sized 10’s ‘ in.

The inspiration to write on the subject matter captured came from the incident between Mr Smith and Mr Rock . I waited, as for me it is always important to wait on the leading of Holy Spirit and to ensure that what I minister might bring life and edify.

I have my own personal views of whether offence was caused . I turned it over and over and in the context of what is usually used in amusement and to titivate the masses , I can’t see any offence.

What I heard was an attempt at giving a compliment attached to what would be perceived as a well known iconic symbol of a strong fighting woman that Moore depicted in G I Jane . I reserve more comment however as it does seem that something else was there brewing much before the Oscars and much deeper than what we saw.

I say this because we see this explained in our scriptures when the Lord told King David that the adultery he committed against Bathsheba had already been formed a long time ago in his heart . The manifestation of that heinous act which subsequently followed (including the killing of Uriah) was the result of that seed.

What I also want to say that the reaction from

Mr Smith, was completely unacceptable .

In a society where we are fighting against physical and sexual abuse and domination or oppression or the shaming of others for any perceived weakness, the observer may see or hear . It (as an action and has already been said ) fed into the narrative about uncontrolled black aggression and worse blacks attacking their own – not that it would have been acceptable had the races been different, but I don’t think Mr Smith would have reacted in the same overt way (marching up to the stage and attacking in public) had the comedian been white – at least I don’t think so.

Had Mr Smith been white, slapping black Mr Rock, I think we could safely say World War III would have ‘bruk out’ there in that room.

Regardless of the colour of the individuals, it was wrong. Social codes and laws were clearly broken. It is clear that a spirit was also at work – just look at the fall out from that one act ..!!

What message does it give to our young people in a world where we are already fighting against knife crime and the responses our young people are making in relation to minor differences and turf wars…. ? Young people cut off in their prime . What does this display teach?

Many look up to Mr Smith and his achievements to date. Won’t they now continue to think ‘this is the way’ ‘give it to him’ ‘slap him down’ ‘shut him up’ , but with a knife…

I believe Mr Smith’s own son was purported to say of the event ‘this is how we do it !!! ‘

Not good.

I fear much damage has been done not to mention to the children of the respective families and other children who happened to be watching . I’m sorry but I will never accept foul language as what came out of Me Smith’s mouth, as acceptable.

For his part, Mr Rock stood up to his name and though shaken, responded in the right and proper way . He did not retaliate.

The right and proper way for Mr Smith ( in my estimation) was to wait until Mr Rock had finished , then to meet with him in private and to then air his angst . Mr Rock could then use another public opportunity to apologise if any offence was caused and many faces would have be saved.

If you have worked with domestic and emotional abuse you will know that just hearing and seeing it happen, is traumatic and can scar . That is why social care and police professionals should move quickly when they hear or see instances of abuse between adults in a home.

Back to the main scripture . As Christian’s we will experience many slaps for what we say or who we are many under the cover of darkness . May those attacks not come as a result of us being evil . Above in the scripture , we see that the high priest asked that Paul be slapped in the mouth , despite the good work Paul was doing . As Paul said then , God will smite back our accusers whatever covering they come with and there are many whites sepulchres in operation in this very hour.

Yes, there are many conflicts on the world stage including the church ‘stage age’ …. (That word just came…) God help us !!

Some smite because they are warring against the things of the Spirit , whilst they continue in the flesh . It’s not the actual physical manifestation that we should take note of (that is the end result including spiritual or physical death) but what is happening at heart level.

I recall being invited to a meeting a couple of years ago , but all through I could feel in the spirit this convener ‘slapping me’ but their words were smoother than butter.

Mr Smith (and there are many out there) had clearly left a gate open for violence to occur. He will forever be judged in that light ‘someone who might loose it’. This is very sad.

We can only pray for the individuals concerned, specifically for our young people against violence – particularly knife crime.

We pray specifically for our black men … God knows and understands that for them the experience ie how to vent and express hurt, can be very different and their needs responded to harshly and very differently.

May we stand like a rock …. when offence comes and woe to the one who causes it.

Evangelist Linda J UK


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