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I have shared with some of you in one of my hospital video blogs that my current season going in and out of hospital, has been an unusual period of ministry and evangelism, including prayer ministry. Father opened my eyes last year (in the middle of the pandemic) that he needed people on the inside, walking those corridors, praying and bringing his presence.

There were times in 2021 when I could supernaturally feel Father with me on the wards and doing what he does. Indeed, I could feel him from the taxi ride from my home ( so could the drivers -they told me!!!) to the hospital. Those Asian taxi drivers shared much with me, some asked for prayers and received.

I remember one admission when we couldn’t go through the normal entrance, due to the changes that were necessary because of Covid. My daughter couldn’t come in with me and I was dropped by the driver in the middle of the car park to be directed to another new entrance some distance away and to go through necessary Covid screening. I got out of the taxi (with both the driver and my daughter looking on pitifully ). I couldn’t get my slippers on because of the Odema and swelling of my ankles and I had difficulty walking. I had a zimmer…!!! I felt an angel of the Lord stoop down and supernaturally help me push my swollen feet in the slippers until they fit – as if to say, I want you in that hospital and you will go in and you will walk – which I did and with such strength and the absence of any fear.

The new entrance brought me through some places and spaces I had never seen before and as I walked the Lord ministered and showed me his heart for this time. I arrived at the ‘book in’ with such joy, knowing that my help had just come from the Lord.

It has been two long years of going in and out. The anointing draws people and there is the spirit of joy which is often remarked about. I find many (including staff) sharing little snippets and challenges that I then take home and pray about of course in confidence. Some of them don’t know I am praying. What is interesting is that I realize I am one of the elders sitting in my chair (awaiting treatment) as many of the staff group are much younger than I. I often ask myself ‘where have the years gone.. ?’ . I myself was nursing at the age of 18 years and have done many things since then but majoring always on compassionate care , protection of the vulnerable and safeguarding and doing this not only secularly but also in prayer.

There was a particular day in 2021 when I was on a ward when I experienced the ‘holy hush’ many talk about as I was praying in the spirit quietly but audibly (I couldn’t stop it .. !!) The two wards (that I was adjacent to) and the staff , could feel something. I heard a visitor remark, ‘what is that..?’ ‘Can you feel it ? I was singing in the spirit. It was a beautiful moment. The Lord visited. We danced . I was changed.

As a result of insight in what the Lord can do and wants to do in new environments, I go ‘fishing’ each week looking for souls and opportunities to plant and to win some. Sometimes I am successful , at other times I am rejected, am clumsy or I miss the mark. But I persist and am intentional. I continue to want my time on this earth to count and to complete my assignment. He who called me into this ministry will do it!!

Yesterday, I was encouraged to hear of a situation that me and my daughter had been praying about (we have a prayer ministry) and that it had turned out for the better. The individual had been seeking me out of two days to share with me the turn around that they had experienced in this particular matter. I was so excited.

On Thursday, I had another testimony of something I did or said two years ago that had made the difference in someone else’s own spiritual life.

Often what we do we don’t recognize as anything at the time, but it is so encouraging to be contacted later to be told this and see the word unfold in that individual’s life.

I have used this scripture many times this week ‘Paul plants, Apollos waters, but it is God that gives the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:6 . We just need to do our bit – let go and let God.

I would always encourage you to share testimony of breakthroughs and healing – it is not bragging. It is how we overcome and of course it is encouraging to those who are praying.

At this moment in time, I am concentrating on prayer and my own prayer life. I am going through my journals. I realise that I have been getting a number of revelations about things happening in our world or going to happen, but just sitting on it. Sadly, I have been in caught up in environments that have stultified and stifled my gifting, as it didn’t fit into the neat little polished program or boxes – I speak of both the church and wider institutions. The understanding of and stewarding of gifts and genuine encouragement is often sadly lacking sometimes as a result of the spirit of competition or jealousy . Often roadblocks have been set up in the House by the enemy and there is, misappropriation mismanagement and much misunderstandings . One sees individuals in positions they ought not to be in. There are false prophets masquerading, but many are blind – remain in darkness and just don’t see.

My responsibility remains one of prayer if the Lord shows me anything. God answers the prayer of his saints and prayer changes things.

Last night I came to bed and expressed in my spirit ‘Lord help me to return to the authenticity of your spirit that I enjoyed so many years ago. Help me to use what you have given me well and know when and how to use it to help, heal and edify others’ . God knows my heart ie whether I am doing it to be seen or that I genuinely care. I genuinely care.

As I lay down on my pillow last night picking up my current reading Prayer Key to Revival by Pastor Cho, my eyes immediately fall on the sentence of a chapter that I am not on …!! It said and says :

‘Neglect not the gift that is within thee which was given thee which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon thee things give thyself wholly to to them, that thy profiting may appear to all’ 1 Timothy 4:14-15 .

Father just heard the prayer of my heart and is speaking.

My writing and reviewing and sharing is a form of meditation. I share not to brag, but to sharpen irons. I share to warn. I too will be accountable.

I see many jumping on the band wagon of titles doing this and that, but you have to know what gift God has placed in you and run with it. One doesn’t just end up in a ministry office, there is a hard, (often untold) journey and spiritual protocol that precedes and follows. It would be my view that if you are leading others significantly and spiritually, it shouldn’t be the choice of a man or woman to appoint you, (because they like you or your face fits..!!!) but you must be called by God. You must be born again, baptized and filled with his Holy Spirit. First things first.

I know that no man called me into my ministry offices. Father himself spoke to me in 2006 and told me who I was – rather who I am . (See my book on a blessing happening in our time for my personal account available via This calling was subsequently confirmed by others prophetically who didn’t know me and in diverse places. I am called to write and to speak and to say when things are not right. I am called to win souls for the kingdom.

Father is still working His purposes out in me. I make mistakes and stumble along the way, but each day I see and hear of reports that confirm that it is He who called me (I can do nothing of myself ). All my own efforts are dead works without his Holy Spirit – it can lift no one nor save anybody.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Father loves me and He knows my name. I hear whispers of his love everyday.

I write this not only to encourage you, but to encourage myself. David encouraged himself in the Lord. 1 Samuel 30:6

God bless you as you run your own race.

Remember ….

‘Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all’ 1 Timothy 4:14-15

Evangelist Linda J UK ❤️


3 responses to “MY ONGOING TESTIMONY”

  1. Dearest friend and sister in Christ, it is always with joyful anticipation that I wonder what God will reveal to me thru reading your testimonies and how He uses every situation you go thru for His glory and for His plan and purpose to minister His word of truth and light into the hearts of others.

    This morning as I was reading your accounts I was reminded of a number of incidences where on reflection God was clearly working His perfect plan in mine and my dearest husband’s life and although challenging where admittedly many times I’ve asked God “why???…” we had to just let go and let Him the All Seeing, All Knowing take control… For His eyes are everywhere keeping watch of the wicked and the good Proverbs 15

    We are aware God is working His plan for a Revival in people’s mindsets. Revelation 2:1-7 reveals how the church’s used to have good intentions in the early days but over time have abandoned their first love and doing it’s own thing… They are stubborn and prideful, not wanting to truly repent, where true repentance takes acknowledgement and action to change their ways. Luke 3:7-14

    We know there is still a difficult journey to go for my husband and I but we continue to lean not on our own understanding Proverbs 3:5 but trust God at His Word that He knows best and His way is the best way Psalm 18:30 and He remains our shield against the enemy Hallelujah!…

    Psalm 55 has been a great comforter and reminder that God remains the same, ever faithful when all around us appears to be at war with us. God hears our voices and He continues to rescue us so we can shine His light of truth and goodness.

    God sees what is behind and what is ahead, all the threats, all the dangers. And we are confident “God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether it is good or whether it is evil” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

    Thank you sister Linda for continuing to trust God in His plans for your life and your circumstances, for He remains ever faithful to those who trust in Him!!

  2. Beautiful testimony of your journey and how the Lord is working in your life. Such a blessing to read and encouraging in my own journey, thank you for sharing. May the Lord, bless you and continue to use you far and wide within your ministry.

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