A word on prayer – By Evangelist Linda J UK – 1/7/2022

I want to say something about prayer. I want to do this as I have seen its miracle working power in my life. Someone said it before and I will say it again : ‘prayer is caught not taught’ . You have to hear prayer – that is why open prayer in fellowship and congregation is so important – especially for our next generation.

I first heard prayer in my home when I was about 9 years old. But I used to write to the Lord and hide my script under my bedroom carpet from about 7 … but I didn’t know him. I just found I could talk through my pen and sensed a strange comfort. I would share my heart and my woes….. at 7…!!!

I was present when my mum and dad gave their heart to the Lord when a visiting evangelist called and spoke with them . My mum and dad immediately changed their way of living and separated , they were living in sin. The story around that is for them to tell, (my brith father is now resting) but I was a benefactor of that move and the subsequent prayers that followed.

Conversion and repentance is a ‘turning around’ from the things we once did in our bodies. The people need to know. It’s not just about saying the prayer of salvation.. there must be a change and a desire to continue to change. We also need to put some effort into follow up work . A lot of the seed is perishing on the way side as people are quick to wear titles, but are not really doing the pastoral work necessary – ie the rubbing shoulders the bedding down , the visiting the sick and watering the new plants and away from the cameras.

Fast forward a bit and I am 18 years of age with a baby… but returning to attend church. I didn’t know the God of the Bible ie intimately. I knew the stories and the religiosity, but not entered into a relationship with God.

I remember challenging God one night, i said ‘my aunt says she knows you, my mum says she knows you, but i need to know you for myself. If you are real , I give you until Wednesday fasting morning (the church used to fast regularly on a Wednesday morning 6- noon- and i was always part of it and my days off from nursing- i was giving the Lord about three days to do something) . My dad had ‘house church’ way back then in 80’s we didn’t label it, but we met regularly for fellowship and prayers and fasting.

On the Wednesday morning , fasting was just finishing and I wandered into the kitchen to put the kettle for drinks for the people and to break the fast. As a I stood at the kitchen sink, a wind came in through the window. It picked me up and turned me around and pushed me back into the church area and the altar. I heard a sound coming out of my body ‘hallelujah, hallelujah’. I had not said anything religious or ‘churchy’ …before . I couldn’t stop. I said nothing else but ‘hallelujah’. I knew it wasn’t me but something working inside of me. The people around looked on me incredulously . They thought I had gone mad… From that day on no one can tell me that God is not real . The rest of my testimony and how the Lord has worked in my life and called me out , is covered in my book ‘A blessing happening in our time ‘ available from Lulu.

I didn’t get the gift of tongues until about 2 years later, I wasn’t looking for it . We weren’t taught that it was something to have. I just wanted to be a faithful Christian. I was sincere. My prayer language came during a simple prayer about the meeting to be had with my sister just before we were going into the service. I wasn’t asking for this. My younger birth sister A already spoke in tongues, when praying. Sadly I put the gift on the back burner as again we were not taught its relevance or the power from same. Again sadly, a lot of the young people scattered (including myself) when sexual sin and rebellion was found to be active in the church amongst the leaders.

I am not writing to push a book or a ministry. But it is incumbent on me to share my story. In modern day churches one doesn’t get the opportunity to testify. Spontaneous testimony services and prayers are sadly lacking. Every thing is orchestrated and timed. There is a promoting of gifting and talent and face… rather than letting the Holy Spirit choose and lead. It is such a shame. Prayer is the key and we overcome by the word of our testimony. The Holy Spirit is waiting for us.

The real reason for writing is one of the ministries Father gave me was to write – the scribes ministry – again a ministry that is misunderstood. In addition he told me to pray and to speak and to say. So I am saying… and make no apology. I will continue to say until He calls me home as I also will have to give an account .

I say this with the utmost respect, If I send you an audio recording of prayers , it is not to get a pat on the back … it is to stir up the gift that is within you also. If I write it is to encourage you , I am not looking for ticks or likes…. God sees and knows what is in our hearts and it is He who called me to run. Facebook as been a blessing in many ways to cascade things but there is also an ugly spirit at work. It is interesting if I ever write something frivolous how much attention and open feedback I get . Yet… if i write something scriptural and from the Lord, there is a hush and distinct difference, but I can see who has been peeping…. and who has seen the material… God is watching also.

Iron sharpens iron. Often I get an impulse to pray and to cry out, but it is not my burden. It is the burden of the Lord at that time. The burden comes from the spirit. I have seen the value of letting your children hear prayer and so I write to encourage for you to do that.

Sometimes prayer is uncomfortable on the ear and ardent, but it is what I will call ‘the tap being turned’ . Let it come, let it flow. It is what will trigger revival in you and elsewhere. There is much to undo in the spirit realm.

You may feel inadequate to pray, but start in the flesh and with sincerity, you will end up in the spirit. I often know when the Lord has stepped in and taken over when I pray. I am getting adept at discerning the false from the real.

I would recommend anyone involved in prayer to read the late Rees Howells -‘Intercessor’ and any books or articles by again the late Pastor Yonghii Cho (the latter who I have just stumbled on). For things prophetic James Goll has been a blessing. But of course these names are not exhaustive and I have drawn from many sources. Father will direct the menu for the season for you personally , you just need to be available, humble enough to ask and to receive and to do as He bids.

The writings of Watchman Née greatly move me and you can feel the Holy Spirit unction for the ministry that he was given though incarcerated and with his tongue removed by his captors.

Any material by Derek Prince is also worthy of being in your collection and you can now engage in different modes with his ministry ie audio, visual or reading. We all have different learning styles, (some like visual and some like audio) but the Lord already directed us that ‘faith comes by hearing…and hearing by the word of God’. Romans 10:17 . This works powerfully in the avenue of prayer, especially when we use ‘his word’ and allow the power in us to work.

It is also important that after you pray , ‘Do’ …of his good pleasure. That is faith ‘out’ and ‘working’….!!!

I think I will leave it there for today.

God bless you mightily.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

Please always feel free to share.

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