It’s so nice Lord to get up early to find you.

Away from the noise of yesterday and the juxtapositioning of items seeking to crowd my mind before I even lift the duvet.

Thank you for the peace and balmy rest that I can feel in my soul.

Thank you for removing the nay sayers, the controllers and the accusers from my life.

You have been a faithful Faithful Father, Faithful Friend, Faithful Steed.

You have been there in the highs and the lows

Never judging or condemning, just accepting me with love.

Because of your staying power and your hope and plans for me,

I became as one with you through belief in your word , that says:

What you say, you will do

When we call, you will answer

You are The Way , The Truth and The Life

You do what it says on the can, in the small print -that’s where your are

No pomp, no ceremony, no cheesy selfie

No hidden agenda – just for us to believe.

You never change – ever working behind the scenes

Never early, nor are you late..!!

You are never moved by my mistakes

But you hold me up with your open hands

You garrison angels to catch me if I should fall

You have saved me to the uppermost

You have healed and restored my land

You have opened up and leveled the playing field.

How can I tell of the times you have visited, spoken, led me in the wilderness, fed me through sparrows , prophets and ravens?

How can I tell of the times we have laughed together and I have seen your knowing smile?

No one would believe that you shed light in darkness and reveal deep and hidden things

You have always put me one step ahead of the enemy

You have restored my inheritance

Lord , I thank you

Thank you for the many, many, marvelous things you have done and will do

I have no fear

Whether in this life or the the next, my spirit will always worship you.

I was made to worship you

You have removed the dread from my life and given me supernatural joy

My prayer and praise will always equate to the knowledge of you working in me and through me – I thank you

I thank you , for I could never have done this on my own

I could never have removed the stain or blot of my life and those inherited from the fall

You saw my state , heard and felt my rebellion , my arrogance and pride and yet…. you still wanted me !!!- you waited …just for me !!

Father, I hear your voice and it is the sound of love, love without breaks and the stirring of deep, deep waters. If only they could hear it

I will always look for you in the eyes of a child, in the sound of the heart and the words that are spoken by others,

I will always look for you in the actions received and observed around me

I want to know, who really knows you

I know you are never far from me

I keep a candle lit and burning at my window – day and night

I will ensure there be oil in my lamp

I look forward to the promise of eternal life with you, in glory.

Your ever, loving daughter, from the beginning

Linda J UK


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  1. So very beautiful. Thank you for your passion and devotion you bring through the writing, which is very touching to me. May you continue to be blessed and write for His glory.

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