Rubbish Gone … in the Name of Jesus

I had this dream last night which was so real. I knew I was in a dream, but my spirit man was alive and knew it was ‘a happening’. I was out of my body at the front of my house, in the early hours of this morning, it was very quiet – not a cat or a dog could be seen. A new Jewish named hostel had been set up outside my house, what looked like a place of shelter for the homeless. I could see men and women putting out their rubbish but wanting to remain incognito.
I could see that my front yard had been swept clean, not a leaf in sight, but alas the two rubbish bins had been removed. I went to look at the neighbours to see if theirs had been stolen. It was only mine which had been taken, both the blue and the black. In the dream I said I would have to report to the council. I thought , how odd that anyone would want to take dirty used bins and with my house number painted on.
This morning as I awoke, I realised it is a word from the Lord and not anything to be disturbed about.
It is not a threat or a foretelling of my natural bins being stolen, but the Lord showing me and saying there will be a clean sweep, all that stands for pain (the black and the blue…)and the rubbish in my life and in the lives of ‘whosoever will’ , be taken away. The hostel is a picture of recovery and restoration and under my/our very nose and in the posh part of the city (second time I’ve had this) . He is at work. What a beautiful Saviour.
When I share my dreams my hope is to transfer the anointing of revelation , dreams and visions. If you don’t want ‘to see’, just discard or let me know…
And here comes the flow and the prayer under the anointing :
So seen, so done. I pray this for you too in the Name of the son, that anything cluttering up your life, the lives of your spouse, children loved ones , ministry , will be removed today in the name of Jesus. Any rubbish, things dead or decaying , be removed in the name of Jesus. Let the thing that graces your house, (spiritual and physical ) inside and outside, be a thing of beauty, a place of recovery , in the matchless name of Jesus. Let the chasm , the gulf that sought to swallow you and mulch you and yours in the dustbin of life, be gone in the name of Jesus. Not a dead leaf shall be seen , not a dog shall wag its tail against you, if the Lord doesn’t say so.
There is no night in the city foursquare. All is life and light.
Your house , ministry is a thing of beauty nothing unclean can enter in . Praying for a clean sweep, new beginnings, a new start in the name of Jesus. Praying for increased wisdom to know what is of God and what is not. Praying that we know where to pitch that tent, when and where to open new doors . Praying for that quiet spirit of peace at the start of this year, the spirit of knowing and understanding. His word today is He has taken it all. It is on his shoulder. We have all we need at our disposal. Don’t look in the usual places , move out of our comfort zones. He is in the business of recovery and restoration. Our God is in control.

Just for you In Fathers Name .

Linda J UK

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