‘Who being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power’ Hebrews 1:3

I have been studying and reflecting on the Names and attributes of God. As I have done so Father has spoken to me.

On Sunday the 15th November, I saw a picture of Lewis Hamilton on top of one of his cars. He was getting applaud for his achievement in the sport. I understand it was his 7th world title and was indeed his fourth title in a row. As I looked at him with his arms lifted up, I saw the figure and meaning of ‘a victor’ – most importantly I saw our victor, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was our prophet, priest and king standing on the hill of Calvary – the hand of God …with arms stretched and hands raised, albeit in pain, for us.

I saw the shadow of his wings and which we can now rest safe and secure knowing that He measured up, so we too can wear a crown.

The Bible says some some trust in chariots and horses ( ) even putting their trust in men and women or denominations, but we (as called out burning ones) we trust in the Name of the Lord. Some trust in sport cars, idolizing men of stature like 007 and the now late, Maradona, but we trust in and worship Jesus – the son of the living God.

Of course we grieve with those that grieve and know the pain of losing loved ones, but there is one greater than they and we are told not to idolize or worship men. We worship only Jesus.

Jesus, the brightness and brilliance of our father glory. Father has shown me that when we as Christians or individuals idolize men, humans or things made with hands, by default we devalue and demote ourselves. I say this because each and everyone of us is ‘a first’ to our Father. There isn’t another copy like you or me as our DNA attests. The Bible tells us the very hairs of our individual heads are numbered.

Men and women revere these sports men for their game or prowess during their time on earth or their time on the silver screen. But our adulation is and has to be to our God and his Christ. The eternal son of God – soon to return.

Let me tell you – there is none like him. He is the first, the last , he is the first born of the dead. The grave did not hold him . He was not subject to disease or decay. He was the perfect lamb. The perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish.

Know this also and in a time of peril and storm :

Jesus is ahead of the game.

He has already won the race

When he died, we died

When he rose, we rose,

When he won , we won.

We have been made victors in his name.

Right now, this Jesus, the son of God, is standing in the gap ever making intercession for us in the throne room of God. Right now, this Jesus is squaring things up, to take us to our eternal home.

He is our victor, the only one we should worship. He and only He , will help us cross the finish line.

Jesus: the brightness and brilliance of our fathers glory

Let him shine through us and be our guide and our light.

Trust fully in the effectiveness of our prophet priest king

He is the sympathizing jesus

He has more than 7 titles (go look them up ) and we are all complete in him

Let him infuse and he enthuse us with the power of his Holy Spirit so that death won’t sting and we can have an overcoming life.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes


In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Just Like Our Father

I saw two pictures this week and received a confirming word which I believe is a word from the Lord in its entirety. May you receive it with grace.

My daughter and I was relaxing on the sofa just after the evening news. Nowadays we don’t watch much TV, but I was led to say just see what is on on the other side.

There was a real life documentary of a shepherding family – a mother and father with 9 (yes 9….) beautiful children. The producers had been followed for a series of months – this being the second sequel. The youngest child was about 4 and the eldest looked about 16. There was a mixture of gender.

It was a beautiful program to watch as the mother of the family had allowed the children to grow in competence in doing things on the farm and even dealing with the births and deaths of the lambs. One sheep had died possibly because she had wandered off alone and had drunk polluted water but she was still numbered and being accounted for.

The innocency of the children and the dexterity of how they went about their tasks was mesmerizing. Most importantly was a section where the whole family sat down together to eat outside . As the children sat and listen mum and dad recounted all their birth stories ie how they came into the world, the time of day and the events that happened during delivery. Each child listened pleased and proud as punch. It was clear they had heard the story before but they reveled in mum and dad telling them again. There was a point when one little girl (the middle child) shouted out ‘you’ve missed me’. Sure enough they had, but there was an affective story also to tell on her behalf and to confirm her identity.

The most beautiful thing for me was the tender heart of the father of the family – how he had gathered his brood around him and how he spoke tenderly and affectionately to his wife and to his children. This is what God intended both for the physical family of God and the spiritual family of God.

I came to bed that night and I cried my heart out for the memory of what I had seen and for the heart of our Father. The image has not left me.

As I prepared my prayer ministry for the next day Father brought Ezekiel 34 which was a rebuke of the shepherds who had not looked after the sheep. He continued to bring me word this very week about the sheepfold (two days later). He highlights that the flock includes lambs that are frail, weak and unsteady and some barely able to walk. Others are deep in pain. A few pregnant and others nursing young. Each and every one of us who call on his name can identify within this fold.

I am led to write this today for several reasons :

He has asked the to write

He wants you to know that the very hairs of your head is numbered and he sees you as special

He wants you to know you have an identity with him if you are part of his family

He is the good Shepherd and he will provide ointment for your souls and remove all he ticks and brambles that have kept you bound.

His desires his to protect you from the wolf and the roaring and raving lion

In terms of those called to minister and to be shepherds, mothers and fathers of the flock there is an additional word too :

We see in a number of the prophetic books how God condemns Israel’s ministers because they didn’t meet the needs of the sheep under their care. He spoke his displeasure through both Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jeremiah. (See Ezekiel 34:4, 6) See Isaiah 53:6).

Thus saith the Lord , i even I will search my sheep and seek them out. I will deliver them out of all the places where they have been scattered in teh cloudy and dark day. I will feed them in good pasture and upon the high mountains and they shall lie down in a good fold and be fat. I will judge between cattle and cattle and my people shall no. more be a prey .

I pray today that we can be like little children and receive the word wherever it may apply to us and so that we don’t lose out.

I believe I share his heart when i say ,our Father’s desire is for each one of us to lie down beside still waters and to be led in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.

Evangelist Linda J UK

Yours in his Name

Written 5:00 am 18/11/2020 in the year of our lord


By Evangelist Linda J UK


Thank you Holy One of Israel

Banner over us

Right Hand of Righteousness

Fighting for us

You still the avenger

You calm the raging seas

Ever victorious

Interceding just for Me

Praying in this hour I can be one with you

As you and our Father are one

Praying that I come up to the mark of the higher calling -with the ensign of Holiness in Your Name

Praying that by faith I can continue to withstand the wiles of the enemy’s and to lay hold on all that you have in store for me

Oh to be bold as a lion, skip and be humble like a lamb

Oh to be filled with compassion for the lost.

To ever hear from you and to seek your face.

Thank you Good Shepherd of Israel’s flock

You gave your life for the sheep

You didnt balk at the responsibility but said ‘Here i am’

You climbed onto the cross, soaked in our shame.

Your joy was Isaac’s strength a foreshadowing of trust and obedience

Yours was the promise and confidence in our Father to never leave or forsake, but to bring dead things back to life.

Willing and obedient you were ,

Just to save me

Knowing that without you I would be lost

Knowing that without you I could do nothing

Praying now for continued protection against the King of the Amalekites

Those spiritual hosts of wickedness that continue to seek to gag and silence your seed and to lay claim to your throne as it did from the foundations. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but we pray may the lineage of King Agag and his cohorts be annihilated in the power of your Holy Name.

We declare that : A king , (the stem and root of Jesse , the Branch who is you Jesus), shall rule in righteousness.

We are your witnesses.

We honor and adore you as we see the spirit of lordship upon you and your people, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might , the spirit of knowledge and the reverential fear and righteous indignation.

We thank you because you are a just God and a savior. Willing that none who call on your name should perish.

We thank you because you have not judged after the sight of your eyes, neither did you reprove us after the hearing of your ears, but with righteousness you judge us and with fairness and equity you brought and will bring, justice for the meek of the earth.

We know you are our King supreme, heavens victor and darling.

We live because you live and was victorious.

You shall smite the earth with the rod of your mouth and with the breath of your lips you will slay the wicked.

Evangelist Linda J UK



It is the same God, who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of his glory in the face of Jesus Christ – 2 Corinthians 4:7

Father we thank you . Thank you that you purposed to bring us back to yourself at at a time when we were teetering on a precipice. Thank you for the light that you sent and beamed down on us awakening us from the dark places of the earth.

Lord you desired to have a people called by your Name and you have accepted even me into that Beloved company. Your word said that now we are teh children of God and whilst it does not yet appear what we shall be , we know that we shall be like you as we shall see you as your are. We long for that day. The day that Isaiah saw. The day when your train filled the temple showing your majestic glory and forcing iniquity to stop her mouth.

Lord because of you and us (your purchased possession) , No weapon that has been formed against us shall prosper. Every back biting or evil tongue that has risen up against us we condemn as your servants. Our righteousness is of you. We did not come in our own strength but you called, you saved, you sanctified and you made us your own.

You are the God who rules and reign and determines the borders of our territory . You are the God that open and no man shuts or closes and no man dare open. You are the God that sets one up and another down and you use us for your purposes here on earth with our permission.

Father, you know the heart of every man. Nothing is hid from you. You do not judge outward appearances but you judge righteously. You are a fair God. You mete out just weights and just balances and you remember the poor and the beggar from the dung hill.

Lord i trust you and know that you will bring everything concerning those who call on your name to pass. We called. You answered . You have given us a resting place and your plans for us are Yes and Amen to bring us to an expected end.

Nothing takes you by surprise. You are the fairest and the fairest of ten thousand to our souls.

And so as i close this time of prayer , i thank you for your grace and your wonder working power in the children of men . May your word reach hearts that are open. May change comes from a greater realization of your ever presence, your omnipotent and omniscience – all seeing , all knowing and with all power to do the impossible.

Your daughter Linda J

Prayer Evangelist


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‘…..we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life’ 2 Corinthians 2:14

It has been a week of birthday celebrations as i mark the 21st year of my second daughter and in Christ and for that I give God praise. My daughter received a host of presents including an expensive bottle of Chanel perfume. When we unwrapped this particular gift we laughed and shared how one particular teacher of hers, a perfume connesieur from Paris would be particularly impressed . This teacher would often comment on the perfume my daughter sometimes wore (not intentionally i am sure but a trite disparaging when she would comment on that not being real perfume – or one she knew…! Notwithstanding, we love her to bits. As a piano teacher there is no one better. My daughter has excelled under the tutelage and this teacher doesn’t miss a bad note – be that in the olfactory or auditory sense.

As I sat in my quiet time this morning (oh how I need them right now) and waiting for the word of the Lord; this word came to me.

Paul wrote ‘…..we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life’ 2 Corinthians 2:14

It is a word for the occupation of everyone as the Apostle Paul again puts it : called to be saints. We are all told to go…

As evangelists, heralding and heckling our craft in the market place, on street corners or even in our writings , we give off a certain scent; we are either the scent of life to those who would chose life, or the scent of death, to those who are perishing and desire to stay that way.

The children of God should have a different smell and scent about them in the things they say and do. It should ooze from our very pores. We are not talking peddling perfume per se, but there is a deeper revelation that Father brings from his word. We are not contrasting perfumes houses or those scents brought from the local Wilko , Asda or a Sainsburys … which (on a continuum) would be a metaphor for cheap grace peddled by a mans name, ministry label, packaging, branding for pecuniary reasons leading many to the pit of hell.


Called to be saints, should know the difference between the pure and profane. We should peddle purity in all we say and do. We are talking the scent, SME all, manifestation of the genuine spirit of grace , truth and holiness oozing from our very pores – made possible…. by our spending time and rubbing shoulders with the one and only living God. The God who has broken down the wall of partition allowing us to see to know the difference and says Come. The God who breaks down all the opposing auras and aromas through our obedience and sacrifice, through our daily and thorough washing and cleansing in the blood of Jesus Christ , his son.


Father, we thank you for your word and that you continue to want to speak to us in ways we can easily understand. Forgive us when we have been wanton and gone away from you doing things and saying things that brings a stench, a displeasing aroma to your nose. Lord , we want all our glorying to be of you – you purchased us with a great price – the shed blood of your son, Jesus Christ . Lord your word tells us that he made himself of no reputation, but took the form of a servant and went the way of the cross for us. Lord, As we walk about proclaiming to be your representatives in this late and dark hour, let the scent and savor that comes from us brings life to those who desire life. Take away our designer labels, wrappings and labels and the things that have no eternal value. Let nothing of us get in the way of anyone coming through to the true and living God. Lord help us to go and to peddle but to peddle your way, your truth and your life.

Evangelist Linda J UK



It’s been a tough old week and I have been in much pain having to take a emergency visit to my dentist. It is 3 days since procedure and i am still a bit sore and a bit worst for wear from the chemical cosh of paracetamols but I am getting better.

As the dentist showed me the tooth on the X-ray (the stark white shape against the blackness)a word began to form in my spirit and here is it broken down today.

The infection in the root canal had been caused by debris getting in through a hole and the infection had spread causing numbness to the bottom jaw and bottom lip.

I could either wait a week with antibiotics and then undergo invasive exploration (at cost) or I could bring the suffering to an end today by having the tooth out. I chose the latter and now in a process of recovery.

The foundation of any church, institution, edifice or concept is so important . If there is rubble or stubble in the foundation – things which are not of God , then there will be disease and eventually the whole building will come down. We see in this year 2020 all that can be shaken is being shaken and we can see clearly those who are able to stand and those who are falling away.

Not only does the Bible talk about a great falling away before the great and terrible day of the Lord , it also warns us about how we build Fathers house.. Jesus Christ is our sure foundation and in a time of shaking and overturning all of us as individuals or indeed leaders, need to examine what is at the root – the root cause ie what may be causing ineptitude, disease or decay.

We need to examine whether our teaching and preaching has been in man’s wisdom. We all love a good sermon, but there is a reason for which Father died. Have we preached ourselves, our ministries our own branding and manifestos?. In so doing have we been negligent and trampled the very flock of God. The Day will declare it. Have we been seeking the applaud and plaudits of men at the expense of the cross of Jesus and him crucified? Again, the Day will declare it.

The Bible tells us to not boast in men, to avoid man’s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2:13) and to be careful how we build ( 1 Corinthians 3:12; Galatians 2:18) – for no other foundation can any man lay than that laid down by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are all part of the building, fitted together building up a spiritual house and each one of us (called to be saints) brings something to the table. There is a collective house and an individual house. The question is : What are we putting on the fire and what have we brought to the table? For , the Day will declare it

Do we short change the Lord, building with wood, straw and hay? 1 Corinthians 3:10. I know I am guilty. But Father, has given us a measure of grace in this dark season to make amends to allow the spotlight of his word to shine on those dark crevices and places, like the dentist did with me this very week. On examination, it was so plain to see what the problem was and how it had been caused. The whole head had become numb and sick because of decay right down at the root.

It is time for deep excavation to get the diseased and decaying parts out from our homes, hearts and lives and sometimes that is oh so painful.

The day will indeed declare how each and everyone of us have built, what we have put in, whether we be rewarded or indeed suffer loss.

Let’s take the time and review and reflect the steps we now must take for preservation.

Evangelist Linda J UK


But now… a righteousness apart from the law is revealed.

Praise ye the lord Jesus Christ

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus our soon coming King. It was with joy that I read the report of the pardon given to a number of prisoners who had showed through their behavior the wonderful working power of God. It was good to

hear and to play just a little part of it by way of writing and encouragement. I love to write. May the Lord give me grace, resources and continued ability to do so.

This morning, I am writing at my dining table and meditating on Romans 3 and 4 and so many insights are coming to me which links with this good report.

Romans 3:21 speaks about a righteous apart from the law being revealed. Elsewhere the Bible speaks about the just living by faith. We don’t abolish the law but we keep the law through faith in Jesus Christ . How can i break it down for the babe or lay person? We don’t become reckless as believers because we have been given grace we continue to hold fast to our Lord and the liberty he has given us to do good – the commandments being just and holy and pure.

I am running away with myself… let me slow down and give some examples of love triumphing over the law. Jesus revealed a righteous apart from the when

(i) he healed the woman with the issue of blood -ordinarily she should have been stoned taking her sickness, her blood disease out on the street – mans law would have said ‘away with her’ and ‘how dare you’. But Jesus said , your faith has made you whole .

(ii) Jesus revealed a righteousness apart from the law when he acknowledged the faith concept of ‘yet the dogs eat the crumbs from the Masters table’

and finally and most dramatically

(iii) Jesus revealed a righteousness apart the the law when he accepted the thief on the cross in that thief’s last moments.

I started to write this letter for prisoners but it has resonance to all those also in physical or emotional prison or turmoil who have accepted the lie and made the grace of God of non effect. The grace of God has been extended to all and I know the Lord saves by his shed blood, to the uttermost.

By the deeds of the law, ie doing good can no man or woman be justified, for all have sinned and all are shaped in iniquity.

NB this is free flow – May edit later and add scriptures

Evangelist Linda J UK

17/10/2020 very early in the morning

It’s not all happy clappy

‘Woe unto you that are full for ye shall hunger. Woe us you that laugh now for ye shall mourn and weep.

Luke 6:25

Whilst we are this side of eternity, the kingdom is not all eating and drinking or having fun. Some of us will suffer hardship and as good soldiers of the cross. The new testaments (Acts in particular) is replete with the sufferings of those who followed Jesus from John to many of the disciples in New Testament days.

The suffering continues for some of our brothers and sisters across the world who have lost their lives or are at this present time in physical chains.

Of course there are good days and we say through experience that ‘the joy of the Lord is our strength’ but there are dark days when all around our soul gives sway and when we are rejected because of the call of God on our lives. These are days when some of us hear ‘did God really say?’ or ‘in whose authority are you doing this or that?’ He sees, he hears and he knows it all.

The Bible warns us to be careful when men think highly of us – by extension : be careful when you are being patted on the back, or just fitting in with the status quo.

We are called to be different, to be peculiar, to be separate and to come out from amongst them.

It is a sad reality but the Bible say it and cannot lie : Not everyone who says Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom. It is not the suffering that guarantees our entrance, but the state of the heart and whether we have striven lawfully.

We thank God for his grace and ask him to show us the things that would separate us from him. We know that nothing can separate us from his love. For sure, the choices we make in this life can separate us from an eternal dwelling place with Him but whilst it is day, we have opportunity to change.

We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters under persecution and ask God to send angels of mercy to minister to their every need.


Father we thank you for the grace on our lives. The grace that enables us to stand despite the many afflictions and trials. The continued joy of knowing you, working for you and having you in our lives, gives us strength.

Lord when we are buffeted and persecuted for righteousness sake, help us to strive lawfully. Let us not give the enemy a foothold, nor bring disrepute to your name. Help us to wear the armor that you gave (helmet, sword, belt, breastplate, shield and shoes )and to wear it well.

Help us to see our victory with the eyes of the spirit and know that because you overcame, we will overcome. We declare that we are overcomers in your Name.

We remember our brothers and sisters in peril this day, those who are at the frontline and the sharp end of the battle. For them, we ask for increased grace to withstand and to stand. Help us to have your heart of compassion, to mourn with those that mourn. It is not all happy clappy; help us to read the sign of the times.

Help us to humble ourselves in your sight, so that in due season you will have mercy on us and lift us up.

Your daughter

Linda J UK




2 Corinthians 11: 25-29

Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; 26 In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; 27 In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. 28 Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. 29 Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?

I am up late reading, contemplating and praying. I have just been blessed by reading Steve Uppall’s book, Burning Ones and would highly recommend. Those of you who know me, know I like to write. I have been writing like this since the age of 7 years and it has been a comfort to my soul.

Tonight I am reviewing the hour and time we are in, but most importantly to ensure ‘that as long as it remains with me , I am at peace with all men’. It was King David who said ‘Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine vain things … ‘

Over the last little while I can see the call of the world vying for my attention for a response and it has become overwhelming. Some of the approaches have been veiled attacks, but I have seen and withstood them and by his grace am still standing. Didn’t the Lord say, ‘many are the afflictions of the righteous, but that He delivers us from them all’? Well it is true as the opening piece written by the Apostle Paul and from the book of Corinthians also testifies.

It is 14 mins past midnight…. Time is running out. The closing word of the Burning Ones is Psalms 91. As I read it from the New Living Translation, a personal prayer is flung out of my heart and mind. It is my version and as follows but you can make it your own too:


If I live (and constantly), in the shelter of the most High, I will find sweet rest under His shadow and wings. He alone is my refuge and place of safety. He alone is God and in Him I trust. He will rescue me from every scheme and trap of the enemy and from the fatal plague. He will shield me with his wings and shelter me with his feathers. His faithful promises has, and will ever be, my armour and protection.

I will not fear the terrors of the night nor fear the dangers of the day. I will not dread the plague that stalks with teeth…. in darkness, nor the disaster that waits for others that are outside and that strikes at midday.

A thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand, thousand at my right hand, but the evil – their evil, their plots, schemes and cunning, will not touch me. Only with my eyes will I see the punishment of the wicked and against those that seek to sully or harm the Lord and his anointed.

I will continue to make the Lord a place of refuge and the Most High God, Jehovah, my shelter. No evil will have preeminence over me, no plague will come near by beautiful little bungalow….I know this because his word says: that he has given orders to his holy angels to protect me and mine, wherever I go. They will hold me up with their hands and keep me from falling or bucking my foot, even my little toe ……against a stone. I will be strong and will trample and crush down lions and serpents under my feet. He has given me the necks of my enemies.

My God will always rescue me, because He loves me and He knows my Name. He called me beautiful, joyful, spirit.

He will protect those who call on Him and trust in Him.

Whenever I have called, He has answered. He has been with me in times of trouble; He has given me his salvation.

His plans for me and mine are longevity, a future and a hope and many many blessings.

Linda J UK


Seeking and saving the Lost

Re Joyce – It’s a good report – 1/10/2020

What a glorious couple of hours we had in the Derby town centre yesterday. Thank you Heavenly Father for ordering my steps.

I woke yesterday morning with a rumble in my tummy and it looked like rain, but I was mindful to go as directed ‘to seek and save that which is lost’.

My plan was to settle in a new spot and without my PA system. I would take simply what was in my hands and heart. As I marched down from St Marys to the centre of town , the Lord gave me his word and his direction. It was to sing and to surrender……Simply put.

I had planned to meet with two other sisters who I have prayed and ministered with before, but it was a while before I saw them.

I had no fear or trepidation rather a sense of responsibility to do of his good pleasure. I felt his presence.

As I waited, I stood in the shop window and found a prayer developing, so I prayed (as led) and as the people walked on by.

It was a somber moment in my spirit as I saw the people milling to and fro – some clearly oblivious of the times we ‘as the sons of Issachar’ have come to realize.

I remember a good 6 months before Covid whilst returning from church driving past the Intu centre and looking up , the Lord had given me a vision and the word about the Valley of Decision (see Joel 3:14). I did not share it. But I had picked up in my spirit that a day of darkness was approaching and that this merchandising and buying and selling would soon be curtailed. I had felt the eeriness of the word and have since recalled that foretelling and foreboding in this Covid period. I sensed it today in the town centre, but also a glimmer of hope , that a wind is blowing and that Father is in control.

One author put it like this ‘between a challenge and response, is a space – it is the valley of decision’ and all of us have to choose – both those of us inside and outside, must decide what we do in this space.

Yesterday , we sang. We praised. I hadn’t even shared the Lord’s instruction with the rest of the team , but we were on the same page. We lifted up our Lord Jesus Christ and we saw and felt the changes in the atmosphere particularly when we worshipped.

There were three hands on deck and of course our blessed Holy Spirit. Where we could, we ministered to the hungry and also the lame and broken hearted. We laid hands on the sick and we prayed fo their recovery. The most important being the recovery of their minds, soul and spirit. We gave out tracts and leaflets and advised about online church and ministry. Like Schindler, we could have done so much more.

I spent a good part of my time ministering to a young man sitting on a bench who had been sleeping in the car park for a while due to (he said) the many closures of facilities brought on my Covid. He spent a lot of time positing his plight on our Lord and I tried (with love) to show him the spiritual reality and who is actually in control of death, disease and disaster. I ministered about a sovereign God but one of principle. I spoke about Satan having a time-slot which was quickly coming to an end. I talked about the lateness of the hour, the signs of the times and the fact the son of man is soon to reappear. I told him the two destinations at the end of time and what he needed to do if he wanted to inherit eternal life.

When I sensed it was no use carrying on with the spiritual food, I sensed he hadn’t eaten so asked him if he wanted something . He said yes. The queues in the shops were very long (again because of Covid) but I waited with one eye on the team who sensed anyway what I was about and had provided me with cash.

I recall as I write that Jesus, fed the people then he taught them and healed them. There is a lesson for us all here especially in this winter season. People need food and shelter. It is not always the ‘big preach’ (as I often say) but the little things we do to and for that person along the way. I felt blessed to be able to give just this basic provision to this troubled soul. It was good to be working as a team be in sync on so many levels – each carrying out a role.

We ended with fellowship and much sharing – comparing spiritual with spiritual, in a local cafe and birthing new ideas for ministry. It is perhaps the first time since Covid that I have had an in-person fellowship and belly laughter and it felt so good.

In recall of the many troubled faces I saw and the young lady with one leg, I remember the saying ‘there but for the grace of God go we’. If it was not for the Lord who was on our side……

I want to say this : I am called as an evangelist. He called me and told me my office. Not a man or any woman. My desire is to simply step into it. It is God who calls and he qualifies the call – we don’t have to work it up. Whatever we have been destined to do we will do it (and well) if we are obedient. The Bible says if we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land. We don’t have to struggle or strive for greatness. No one can stay Fathers hands if he intends to bless . There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

We remember that ‘whosoever wants to become great among us must first be a servant and whosoever wants to be first, must be slave of all. Lord help us to be humble . We live to serve and to give our all, our time and our talents, as a ransom, to bring many souls back to Father when and where we can.

As individuals, people and nations jostle for juxtaposition and prominence, we simply go in the Name of the Lord with what is in our hands. We go in confidence knowing that we are the called and chosen of God , that his Kingdom has come, his will is being done on earth as it is in heaven.

We thank God for our Savior who made himself of no reputation, but took the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men. (Philippians 2:7) May we continue to seek to save and serve the lost. May we become more and more like him, so we can touch the lives of others.

Yours in His Name
Evangelist Linda J