A prayer for our times

Evangelist Linda J 2/5/2020

So father, I come in your sons name to pray for these issues that face us the situation in China, in Russia, the USA and generally our world. The issues that are fiscal, spiritual and political . The issues that are national and global . Lord, I don’t pretend to know anything about politics or money matters but I know you. You said in your word that if your people who are called by your name, should humble themselves and pray, then you would hear from heaven and you would heal our land.

Lord I first bring the recent draconian measures being taken in China and the impact on freedoms and liberty and the knock on effect that this will have on your seed and your remnant in that place. Lord I first pray for the underground church and those already incarcerated because of your Holy Name. I pray for those being held in camps being forcibly indoctrinated, dehumanized, castrated and sterilized. Lord forget not your heritage.

Lord, revive your work in the midst of our years and in the midst of our years, make yourself known. Lord some of what we see and are perceiving are as a result of our own personal and collective failures, where we as a people and a country (UK) have watered down and traded our divine inheritance and calling, to be a christian nation. Now we want to interfere into the affairs of other nations, but our own house lies in ruins . We want to make a stand (because essentially we have a spirit of compassion and care) but I fear we have lost our ability to be seen as a separated called out nation and there may be too much in the mix to make a difference. It is for this reason we pray today , to revive your works in us Lord and the wells that have been dug over the centuries to protect our shores and our interests.

May be continue to be a haven of rest for nations and people fleeing peril and storm. May we return to you first and then be energized and equip to stand and fight in your name. Bring us back to your heart.

Lord we know we have bartered and marketed and merchandise your very heritage for a morsel of bread , our own fleshy advancements and under the name of charitable service, but some of what we have done and do, are dead works and has no eternal value. Readjust us from the character of the age, to a renowned city whose maker and founder is accepted as Jehovah God. May all we do be done in the honor of yours sons name , the son and the name you have given us which is above every other name.

May the church of Jesus Christ standing in our nation rise and stand out as the divine entity you created her to be.

Lord may we see you, in the midst of her and know the immovable power of your love to do all that you require in this hour and the way you would chose us to do it.

Lord may your church, your people not co-operate or give silent assent to sin but may the voice of God peal out in this nation, in the market place, in the court rooms, in the church houses, across the zoom rooms and in every institution where your creation interfaces.

Lord we place Russia, USA in your hands – the very hairs on the heads of those current leaders are numbered. You know what is in the dark and in the light and the plans that are afoot to bring in a new or final solution. Lord, men make plans to do this or that, but You also number their days and you are able to make every threat and situation turn around for the good of your advancing Kingdom.

Lord , you will do all your pleasure in those nations – Your precepts are right and just and holy. Your ways are past finding out. You set Pharaoh up to bring your people to their proper destination and you continue to be in control. What can we pray Lord, but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and save your remnant within these shores. Lord we are not people who are anxious or afraid but a people that will withstand all the wiles and marks of the enemy – that we will lay down our lives for the cause of your kingdom and be prepared to resist even unto the shedding of our own blood.

Thank you for the spirit of prayer and that you continue to teach us how to use the weapons you have placed in our hands. We declare that the weapons you have given us are not carnal, but are mighty through you and we see strongholds being broken even now as we unite in prayer and agree for divine change.

Your kingdom is here Lord , You are at the door. Your will is being done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Your daughter

Linda J



Praise Ye the Lord Jesus Christ. As we were praying at our night prayers on the last Friday night in June 2020 , a prayer came about gagging orders ie . I had a sense of righteous indignation about the multiple masks on the faces of God’s creation and I saw the enemy at work. In my spirit a prayer came, imploring the lord to put gagging orders back on the mouth of the enemy. The enemy who has been working hard to prevent the breath and voice of God in the church , in the community. The opposing spirit that has been speaking against the child of God or the Body of Christ.

Those of us who have done law will know the remedies that can be applied for when an individual wants to place injunctive measures against a spouse or individual or institution. The meaning of the word restrain is to hold back from action, to deprive of liberties, to prevent an individual from doing a thing . It is the same measure , measures or application, we make to Jehovah God as we stand in the throne room in prayer. We do this not by monetary means, but by application of the blood of Jesus.

Know this that in matters of prayer and intercession we already have Father’s ear. The Bible tells us we are seated together with him in heavenly places. Ephesians 2:6 . So with that knowledge and foresight, we can speak down to the things happening here on the earth and we know it will be done.

God has a restraining order against Satan but he has been given some leeway. At the moment his hand is being held back from really unleashing the evil that he wants to release on the children of men as he knows his time is short. We can see even now that he is straining at the lease like a wild dog to take people out. But for the mercies of God, we would all be consumed. Whether this virus was deliberate or accidental, the force behind it, has all the all marks of Hades and its ruler. We know that as a Body we have not just been grappling against the surge of physical sickness and disease but spiritual sicknesses and all its forms of deception and deviousness that has distorted what God had intended for men and women , our children and has clouded the minds of God’s heritage on numerous levels.

As prayer minsters and intercessors , we need to do our bit to work with God to ensure that these restraining orders are invoked and are not breached by the opposing party. Let us then pray.


So Father we come in your sons Name. We thank you that you have given us delegated authority to work with you and whilst it is day. Father the hour is coming , indeed is upon us, when no man can work. Father we your children look to you for injunctive measures against the enemy of our souls. We know our wrestle is not against flesh or blood or even disease, but against an opponent who seeks to batter down our resolve and take some of us out before our time.

We thank you and we give you praise for you have created us in your image, a beautiful work of art – the human race. You have set the bound of our country and borders , the functioning of our bodies and how we ought to be. In the Name that is above every other Name, Jesus we restrain and bind a all opposing spirits, spirits of confusion, racism, slavery ,division, hatred and lies. We make application to revoke the gagging order from our people and we ask for a placing and a binding gagging order on all opposing spirits. Spirits that work against your holy Name and the work of your kingdom

We speak release of your spirit of liberty, spirit of peace, spirit of reconciliation. Spirit of Truth come forth in every situation. Spirit of Love for our neighbors, brothers and sisters the family of God increase. We are free to love, free to laugh, free to give of ourselves for your service. Free from condemnation and free from the snare. Let hearts be fixed on you and be modeled on you , We declare that we will be over-comers of evil with the good name of the Lord Jesus Christ on our lips.

Prayer Evangelist Linda J

June 28th 2020

Father’s Big Scissors – A visionary Tale

So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the whole earth and the whole earth was harvested”Rev 14: 15

I am in contemplation today and as I go about listening I sit and prune a large topiary bush in my front garden with my garden shears.

As I snip I see a small snail hiding under one of them but he/she falls off as I go about pruning the bush which has become unwieldy in places and overgrown – I smell a lovely lemony fragrance given off as the pruned leaves fall away.

I hear/see many things. I can see that some of the leaves have dried up but are still hanging on…I hear something in my spirit about father’s sickle ie that he is putting it in and all that needs to fall will fall away. I say to myself I will finish the manual task and then go dig deeper for the spiritual issues and contrast further.

Here is what I believe the word is for today ie words hidden deep in the prophetic and revelatory books of the Holy Bible.

In answering Job about his complaint, the Lord reminded him how frail humanity was. Human life, short, but full of trouble and like a flower fades the away. How often have we heard that at the passing of our loved ones at a funeral? But have we explored further ? Right in the same chapter, Job had asked God poignant questions in the depths of his despair. He said “must you keep an account of such a frail creature and demand an account from me? The resounding answer was and is ‘Yes’ .

Writing as an evangelist today, the Bible says when we think it not (like the little snail hiding under the leaf), judgement day will come. Father is the master harvester/farmer and he is sharpening his shears. Can you not see the signs? The Bible is replete with warnings, but even to the 3rd and 4th generation He has extended grace and through his son Jesus Christ. Two thousand years ago Jesus came and walked amongst men and will be coming back; At that time , anything that is out of place (hanging onto sin and the fickleness and frailness of life) will not be able to stand. Sin is a transgression of God’s Holy law.

The Bible says, “Who will abide in the day of his coming who shall stand when he appears? For He will be like a refiners fire and like fullers soap” Malachi 3:2 (paraphrased). Now he continues to woo and to wait, but there will be a day when it will be snip, snap.

As the mountains fall and crumble and the rocks and waters wear and fall away , so the fleshy hope of a man will be destroyed . Death (the disfiguring agent) await us all (that is) if Father doesn’t intervene soon and take us to a better place. A man is given three score years and ten by reason of strength, but there are no guarantees and some lives are cut short especially in times of war, accident, plague or disease – or simply because it is your time.

For the unsaved out there, where will you spend eternity? There is an eternal destination for us all. For the saved : How are your roots? How are your branches ? Where are you planted? Where is the fruit?

Harvest time is coming (nay is here) where the reaper is putting in the sickle – the sheep are being separated from the goats, the chaff from the wheat. Father is looking for fruit and substance. He desires to make all things beautiful, in its time. Be a sweet smelling fragrance to his nostrils and not a stench. If He cant bend you now into a goodly plant, you will eventually become diseased break, or worst, need to be broken off. May our Father have mercy. May we not leave it too late.


If you are reading this piece today and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior , let me say : . Today is the day of salvation. Consider it an acceptable time to trim those lamps, to tidy those weeds, to get ready for the great inspection day.

Those of you who are in Christ. Let us not slumber or sleep. Let us Get rid of every thing that is dormant and foul hanging on or impeding our way. The spirit’s imperative is blow the trumpet and to tell the people to return and consider their ways. Not too long from now the master gardener will return, but just right now while the door is open, He is willing and able, to forgive us of our sins and all our errant ways and to accept us as one of his own.

If you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and want to receive Him now . It is a simple prayer:


“Lord , I believe . Lord I want to receive. Lord forgive me of my sins and lead me from this day forward. I want to be ready when you come to call me home”

If you have said that prayer you have been accepted into the family of God. For with the heart man believes to righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Do find a bible believing church and let the pastor and leader know you have given your heart to the Lord and want to know about the next steps.

Evangelist Linda J UK

24th June 2020

Please feel free to forward to your loved ones ❤️

Gods grace -Just for you

Good evening everyone , it is Evangelist linda j from the UK and it is the 21 June 2020. This is a message about God’s grace for you , I will be weaving some of my own special story and to build your faith to be able to believe and to receive. The message is also available in audio and available for sharing.

The lexicon describes grace as favour, graciousness, kindness, beauty, pleasantness, charm , attractiveness, loveliness, affectionate regard and I want to share with you how these attributes are qualities of the Holy Spirit and gifts and favour God has for you.

It was 4 years after I had met and ministered to a lady at a soul winning conference for a prominent evangelist, that I saw a missed call on my phone as I was travelling on a train from A to B. It was just a speech bubble, but i was intrigued and I rang the caller back.

The caller , a lady immediately apologized for texting me. She said it was a mistake; she didn’t know how it had happened. She explained that she had had my number in her phone for over 4 years ago from a conference that I had ministered and where I had spoken into her life. She said her name was Grace . I immediately remembered her because the word Grace had meant so much to me at the time as it coincided with a word that the Lord had given me about my impending ministry . He was sending me out.

I had just come through a major personal crisis – my marriage had floundered and I was in a difficult place. I was broken and very bruised. I had no one to turn to . I didn’t know what to do, but God was already at work. I had been brought up in the church but hadn’t met the God of the Bible. I had backslided.

It was during my custody battle that I discuss elsewhere, that the Lord (the God of the Bible ) began to speak powerfully and comfortably to me. I was far away from home with no friends or family and my children gone. The Bible says that this indeed is what God does when he wants to get our attention and we are in what may seem like a wilderness. Indeed the book of Hosea says that he allures us into the wilderness so he can speak comfortably to us.

I have come to know that our God is gracious. He knows the end from the beginning of all our situations and affairs, and it is his counsel that will stand over our lives. He has good plans for us, if we will allow Him to work on our behalf.

At the time of recording this piece on Gods grace, we are still in what I am calling the teeth of Covid ( a international health crisis ) many have lost their lives , love ones, others have felt cut off and isolated not knowing which way to turn or what to do. Many are pondering the meaning of life – is this it? What i can say (and by way of experience)is that if that Father is in control and it is his desire to show us the good of the land. It is a time when we have been shut into our homes , some are going round and round in circles not knowing what to do with the time, that I see that God has allowed in his grace. Some (more knowing ) have seen it as a period of reset , a period of being locked in with him to hear what he will say. I too am standing on my rampart.

It will perhaps be my second experience of being ‘shut in’ with all what can be shaken, shaken. I will say , It is a time that God will speak with you if you just press him and ask him. It is his desire to show you how much he loves you and that He knows our name.

At the point of being ‘shut in’ in 2004, I had just lost a custody battle and given up a high paying job to escape from a situation that was untenable. I can now see in retrospect that the Lord made me so uncomfortable that I had had to make a shift . I would be lying if i said i knew at the time what i was doing or where I was going. I didnt have a clue, but i knew that a shift was necessary. I was on my downers (as they say) and in the absence of any worldly comforter ( I didn’t have no desire for fleshly comfort) I found myself crying out to God.

God spoke and showed me his grace , favor and heart towards me for good and not for evil and how he desired to bring me to an expected end.

It was the first time , I had begun to hear the Lord audibly and to see his plan and will for my life clearly being structured through the days and night season. Sixteen years later , I can say with all assurance, that what the enemy had meant for evil God turned around for my good. One of the things God had said to me in my wilderness times , is that he had anointed me as a Minister of Prayer and Grace – I had laughed like Sarah (Abraham’s wife )had laughed when she was told she would have a baby well past her childbearing age. How can anyone minister grace, I had thought.. I could understand ministering prayer but grace ? That was a new one on me. There was a lot I didn’t know at the time and I am still learning . The bible tells us that at a time of ignorance, our God winks….

In my darkest hours and moments , he showed me favor . Grace is mercy and unmerited favor. It is a free gift of God. It was nothing that I had done that was special, but because he first loved me and gave himself as a ransom for my soul.

It was the same favor that God had shown this lady Grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and to which I had played a part. She had been positioned at the back of the auditorium looking sad and forlorn and dejected, but God had hands on deck to minister to meet her needs and his word located her. I couldn’t remember what the issue was but i knew that I felt compassion for her and spoke as led by his Holy Spirit. Four years later she was telling me about the turn around that had happened in her life as a result of that ministry.

Not only did she share what had turned around for her , she began to quote me scripture…!! This is always a blessing when the ministered to start to themself minister the word. She reminded me that I had said ; ‘ a bruised reed shall he not break, nor a smoking flax shall he quench’ which was made me almost jump out of my skin. This was the very poster i had put up in my new living room that week . secondly she said ‘……but Linda have you read it in Message bible? The message bible puts it like this at Isaiah 42:1-4

Take a good look at my servant.

I’m backing him to the hilt.

He’s the one I chose,

and I couldn’t be more pleased with him.

I’ve bathed him with my Spirit, my life.

He’ll set everything right among the nations.

2 He won’t call attention to what he does

with loud speeches or gaudy parades.

3 He won’t brush aside the bruised and the hurt

and he won’t disregard the small and insignificant,

but he’ll steadily and firmly set things right.

4 He won’t tire out and quit. He won’t be stopped

until he’s finished his work—to set things right on earth.

Far-flung ocean islands

wait expectantly for his teaching.”

This is a picture of the Lord and Grace personified. But her message was also confirmation of a sending to a nation I was to also go and minister to but it was such an encouragement to my soul. The Bible says as He is so are we in this world. How the Lord set up the situation to confirm his word and his working is. an acute example of how he has woven grace beautifully into my life and the lives of others.

Right now God is ministering his grace to you byway of extension and by this message. We are his hands and eyes and ears in this world and we have been given delegated authority to touch our nearest and dearest and to touch our world by his grace.

God wants you to understand that you too can be a beneficiary of divine grace and favor. He is not simply the fierce judge we see and read about in the Old Testament and the image that many would rather fixate on . He is also a God of love.

The Bible says that He so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The old law did indeed come by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.

A picture of grace can be seen at John 8 where instead of the law producing judgment for the woman taken in adultery, Jesus said , neither do i condemn her, go and sin no more.

Father is saying today (by his grace) that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. All have sinned and come short of the grace of God but God would rather not the death of a sinner. He wants you to come. None of us are deserving nor can work up our right to salvation. Our default mode is sin. The Apostle Paul say it best when he said in ‘the thing that i want to do , i cant seem to do, the things that I know i should not do , i find myself doing… o wretched man that i am , who will deliver me from this body of death, this sin nature. My answer is Jesus. Jesus is the deliverer the savior of the world.

The Bible says that the soul that sins will die, but wherever possible Father would want for Mercy to triumph over Judgement . Jesus came to deliver us from the curse of sin and eternal damnation.

Today he is saying again, ‘a bruised reed shall he not break nor a smoking flax shall he quench. There s hope, he is reaching out , he is extending grace , unmerited favour through his word to you.

No matter what we have done , no matter how far we have fallen , he doesn’t condemn us . His word says if our hearts condemn us , he is even greater than our hearts.

What i can share is that he is beautiful beyond description. Who can resist such beauty, love and affection that He has and wants to bestow on us and to be able to call us sons and daughters of God. What a thought , what a priveledge. Who would reject such great a gift. He gives it, not for what we have done but for what he did on the cross.

The cross and the route Jesus took at Calvary for us is the depiction of grace, love , mercy. He holds this out to those who are willing today.

I am Evangelist Linda J , If you want dont yet know the Lord but would like to received the free gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ God’s son then say this prayer after me:

Lord Jesus,

I have read and heard this message of the free gift of God’s grace through what you did for me on the cross. I recognize that I am a sinner and I want your forgiveness for all my sins and through the gift of grace.

Please wash me from all my sins and accept me into your family.

Teach me how to love and to live right before you and how to serve from this moment onwards.

If you have said this prayer , find a bible believing church and speak to the pastors and leaders , that you have taken the prayer of salvation and are now needing your baptism.

God bless you and keep you and cause his loving face to shine upon you.

EV Linda J UK


Looking Within not Without

Review of Luke Chapter 18

I am still in the book of Luke … ….I have been in other places and other scriptures (see my word press site) but in terms of teaching and expounding the scriptures. I am still in Luke looking at the messages our Father brought through parables and my roots are going down deep. My sincere apologies for those who have enjoyed and have been waiting…

The last chapter I reviewed was Luke chapter 17. Today I am looking at chapter 18 and trying to weave something of what the Lord is saying. I am using the New Spirit Filled Bible – NKJV as a backdrop and dipping into the editorial notes of Jack W Hayford to highlight what has been revealed in my own spirit. I have called this piece Looking Within not Without.

Luke 18 contrasts the type of individual that gains access to the things of the kingdom and those who will remain outside ie those who might miss it. Three characters are contrasted : The persistent widow , the Pharisee and the tax collector. The distinction being those who put their trust in themselves, their money , possessions , their titles and position and those who cried out from a penitent heart.

The widow was consistent with her request and she knew who was in charge (the earthly judge) and so she humbled herself, made herself small and I believe she made herself ‘an embarrassment’ by her just keeping on asking.

The Pharisee looked without and emphasized his works to God as the thing that was deserving of honor, the thing He thought that set him apart from others – his works, his world, his possession. The tax collector (though in a prominent but despised position at that time in culture) said very little He looked within and cried out to God for mercy.

In highlighting the parables we are shown by illumination that righteousness is a gift of God’s grace not by human achievement or effort. We see that not all prayers are genuine prayers and that God looks at and sees the heart.

We know we can all put on an outward show but God is judge of all and looking for the inward work. He looks for the heart that moves him.

In using the example of the widow He is showing us that if the earthly judge can respond, how much more will He who is our Father hear our steadfast prayer for a thing. How much more will He intervene that is, if it is ours by right, for our benefit and will bring us no harm. He is warning to not be snared by pride (how much we can do , how much we own and how we think God sees us). Neither must we be snared by religious tradition, our list of to do (even in prayers) as the substitute for God’s word.

We know we can all be snared as we grapple with the sin nature and default mode within us, which is to push ourselves, and point the finger. Push if we must, but let that push and effort be towards God – pull at His skirt.

We are encouraged to develop a devotion with God that addresses our own hearts state. We do this so that love of God can penetrate and soften our hearts towards Him and others and so that He might use us for his glory.

It is not wrong to practice our religion. The law and the commandments are holy just and good (Romans 7:12-20) but the higher law is love not works. Father is looking for devotion.


Father, first we ask for forgiveness

I myself know I have failed you time and time again with works rather than devotion

Even the gaps between chapters 17 – 18 which I have experienced shows how the enemy of soul can steal our time and our focus.

We can be busy but with the wrong things.

Thank you for your word today which helps us to examine our hearts and to continue to look to you for change, for dress and redress.

Lord, cover us like Boaz covered Ruth, when she was at the risk of being vulnerable as a widow. Adjudicate for us like the earthly judge did or does , for that widow and for that person who approaches with a claim. Our claim is and can only be Jesus. We gave himself as a ransome for our souls. Because of this sacrifice we have been given access to approach.

Father teach us how to pray

You are our righteous ABBA father. Help us to lay all our stuff, our head knowledge, even our prayer lists at your altar and come to you in humble supplication.

You listen to the gasps and beats of our heart.

You know what is genuine and what is feigned.

You see the tears that fall at night on our pillows.

Help us to love one another and see each other higher than we see ourselves.

Help us to see the cross, in all our affairs – even in our ministries.

Let us see always (and be) a king submitting in humility because of love – reaching out to others – to that one, because of love.

Lord, as I close , I hear the song that says ‘your steadfast love has never failed, your mercy knows no end , they are new every morning, new every morning, Great has been your faithfulness.

Evangelist Linda J UK


Please feel free to share

Divine Covering

“They have come under the protection of my roof ” (genesis 19:8 )

I wrote this piece 5 years to the day and today it was recirculated by Facebook. I wrote it after a revelation and had written :

What a beautiful scripture and picture of divine refuge. I am led to reflect and to write a prayer :

When all around my soul gives sway. He only is my help and stay. (Song).

And then this Prayer


Thank you Father for your protection for your people Israel. You have provided a shelter in the wind a covert in the storm , from political, personal, spiritual attack, insinuation and assignations. You protected us from the spear.

Thank you that your people can find a place of rest in you, a place far away from all scheming and cunning and things that which purports to be from you, but are not.

Thank you, you have given us eyes to see, ears to hear and spiritual discernment.

When we are compassed about (like your holy angels and pressed sore, in the time of Lot) you give us protection ‘under your roof’.

Hear the cry of your people Israel Lord and that of your servant. Israel is for peace but they are for war.

Show your love for us Lord in our many deliverances. Deliver Israel and your Beloved from every evil taunt, from rocks , missiles and rockets – as your son David said from the curl of the tongue and from the sleight of men.

Teach us divine wisdom and understanding. Protect our every foot step.

Who is blind like your servant Lord? Or deaf as your messenger ? Help us to be wise as serpents harmless as doves. But not like dumb dogs. Keep your servant from secret faults. Teach us your will and your way.

Magnify your own law Lord and make it honourable. Rescue those snared in holes, hidden in prison houses or held for a prey.

Protect those who would be merchandised and trafficked by men.

May our adulation be to you and no other. All that we hold dear, may we see as dung.

Send Saviours from Mount Zion to rescue and restore. Raise up righteous standards in the land, lest we perish without a hope.

Remember your first born and your Beloved.

Remember your servant, Linda.

Declaring it again and sealing it now as Prayer Evangelist and during a time of Covid, nations rising against nation, wars and rumours of wars – June 2020

Evangelist Linda J UK

June 2020

The earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea

By Linda J UK – June 2020

Two nights ago I dreamt I was standing worshipping with family/group of people. Something made me turn and look up, I saw the Lord had come through the clouds. The dream was so real like happening outside.

I then saw that the whole earth had become sea blue – sky and sea were one. The most beautiful blue you have ever seen. I saw Dolphins laughing and interacting with me and see- through jelly fish with little red hearts.

I saw a brilliant white cross . I heard myself squeal with laughter like a three year old giggling – interacting with the Dolphins who were laughing.

I then woke up. A sadness crept over me as I contrasted what I saw with what is. Large round tears fell down my cheeks, at the state we are in. As I wrote the dream down in my journal. The words ‘the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea’ came to me. This is the scripture from Habakuk 2:14.

I believe I saw an aspect of Gods glory. I believe He is on his way.

Thought you should know

Evangelist Linda J UK ❤️
June 2020

Just wanted to say

By Linda J UK May 2020

So, this is not meant to be funny, but I am trying to convey something painful and this is how I do it.

I got stopped by the police on Friday as I was ‘hot footing’ to Derby town to the bank by car… and had a short time frame to get there and back to continue work. Because of the queues, I was anxious to get there and back as quick as I could . I didn’t realize I was speeding but apparently I was doing 40 in a 30 miles zone… eek…!!!

I saw the lights flash to tell me to pull over – it was double yellow lines and I thought better than to defy the instruction (although where they had told me to park, was also breaking the law). “Not a good moment to challenge Linda” I thought. For my part, I was somewhat embarrassed – was it my wheels … I have had a slow puncture for months and my car has seen better days…God only knows. I also know I was rushing, but I hadn’t checked the speed.

The rubber necks were out… black woman, two white male coppers … what is going down…??(they must have been thinking). I had my prettiest blue dress on and I flashed the most beautiful smile….. but deep down I was thinking of Floyd and the current riots in America and how it feels to be black and stopped by the police and a lone female to boot…in this hour.

I wasn’t frightened ….. I’m a bit ‘cocky’ like that. I don’t really fear anyone – something just kicks in…. Just ask my dad… !!! I was however bracing for what they would come with and what would my answer and attitude be?

Thank God it was broad day light. One was on his phone in the car and the other questioning me. They went through the rudiments and I explained my situation ie that I was a key worker, in a hurry, to get back to my desk/post.

I started to weigh things. I had seen the pictures of Floyd and didn’t really want to go there, because of the pain of the hurting – too much ..sometimes.. too many cases. I know that there was injustice. I could barely look at the pictures for the pain it drew from me. We need to stand . But as children of God we fight by a different set of rules.

Floyd’s face and situation flashed again, as I stood there outside the gate and I thought of the many others. I had just had a good prayer evening with my young daughter and this then (I could see) was the inevitable counter attack – trying to introduce a spirit of defeat and fear. I wasn’t having it… !! I was ready to take my place in history, if at all necessary.

The officer was respectful and said he would let me off on this occasion… he understood the impact that Corona had on all of us and let me go on my way.

In contrast, the whole manner and way the officer had carried out his role with Floyd was arrogant and full of pride. He had his hands in his pockets and his knee on a man’s neck. He refused to hear that poor man’s cries.

I’ve seen injustice like this before and the cries of my people – I have had the knee of others on my own neck, behind my back, trying to crush and squeeze the very life out of me. But I always get up – as Floyd did in the spirit and as will many others similarly oppressed.

I haven’t lost my life, but there have been times along the way, that I have lost my livelihood to the cunning of persons, institutions and systems that seek to silence and oppress and oppress black people in particular – sometimes they use even our own against us and our children.

I just wanted to say..

I will pray.

LindaJ UK


Writing as a leader, a sister, a mother and of dual heritage child ie not on either black or white side, but on the side of righteousness, justice and peace.

A Word from Our Father

Many years ago the Lord sent me to a ministry called Ellel in Farnham, Surrey. There I learned a lot of things including how jesus gathered the people together, taught them, healed them and fed them. Simple as….!!!

I had gone to bed last night after going back on the front line in an area of sensitive ministry. Throughout the night, I sensed I was praying for protection and confirmation that this next appointment was of God ie that I wasn’t risking my life for a new thing and one that God had not ordained or directed.

This morning I awoke from my sleep at 5:00 am and was listening for the word for the day from Father – as I do – spiritual cup in hand. I wandered into my recently remodeled kitchen to make a cup of tea. As I waited for the kettle to boil and what he might say to me today, I thought I would organize one of the shelves in the kitchen. As I lifted up the layers of fresh tablecloths, napkins and kitchen stuff, a book marker is lying at the bottom. I pick it up. It is from one of my teaching days at Ellel . It has my name on it. It says

Dear Linda,

Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name and you are mine. Isaiah 43:1.

How wonderful is that? This is how our Father speaks, has spoken to me, directed me and comforted me throughout the years. His word is like a balm to my soul. A covert in the wind. A watering of any dry ground. When the arms of flesh fail (indeed if flesh should fail), then I know that we have nothing to fear. I know that I am his and he is mine and because He said so!! He said that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

I have found that to be so and so today counsel and encourage you and as an evangelist will say :

Seek the Lord whilst he may be found call upon him whilst he is near. He is a just God and if we turn to him in a day or time of trouble, He will have mercy and pardon us abundantly.

Isaiah 55:6-7 (and summarized)


Father, thank you for your word. It is like a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Lord I declare today that your word concerning me is forever settled in heaven. Thank you because you are my covering, my blanket, my shelter in the storm. You take away doubt and fear and you call us to trust in you.

Lord your word says that as the rain and snow comes down from heaven and goes not back up…but does the thing it was a sent to do ie water the earth.. so it is with your word concerning us. It will not go back to you empty, but it shall accomplish that which you had purposed for it to do soooh long ago …..and it shall prosper in whatever way you have sent it.

Lord as we all negotiate this very difficult climate, we want to be where you are, to go only where you send. Father we want your word in us, to be used of you and for your glory.

Thank you for your word today and for your constant confirmation of your love and thoughts towards me/us.

May the reader be blessed and similarly watered as they chart their own course ‘In You’ . We know that nothing can separate us from you , nor take away who we are to you. Your promises stand. You will and are, an ever present help in our time of need.

Your loving daughter

Linda J


Mother sets the tone

Good morning Ladies,

It’s Linda J UK up early writing and from the UK

First let me thank all of those who met to fellowship yesterday at noon in the zoom room …. and for those who had contributed in other ways and through prayers and thanksgiving throughout the week. May God bless you in all you do and in your areas of giving of yourselves and faithfulness.

It was so encouraging to hear the good reports that are being shared in terms of increased knowledge and awareness of not only who God is but the confidence in knowing who we are in Christ and the purpose we all have individually and collectively on earth.

It wasn’t Mother’s Day yesterday, but as led by the Holy Spirit we spent some time reviewing the aspects of what constitutes a godly mother. For some people there had been signs of change and growth knowing the importance of foundations, boundaries and patterns and leaving a legacy for our children – we recognized that our children are looking up to us for examples of how to be and although sometimes we just don’t feel like it …or equipped…. we realize that Father hasn’t given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but that he has given us power and authority to rule our own first ,and then broader afield and as we position ourselves in the various spheres across society.

We talked about this present moment ie the Covid crisis and wilderness times and sharing space in confined physical, emotional and spiritual situation. I shared about my previous years ‘shut in /set apart’ in the wilderness , between 2004 and 2010 and before the Lord brought me back home to do the work he had created me to do. Then.. I was parenting from a distance and through many prayers. Now, (and as a result of that experience) I continue to believe that God is in control of this pandemic as he was of my difficult situation then and I can testify to his faithfulness. As women and mothers , he loves us and understands our frame – given that he made us. He knows your name.

It was good to sit under the sunshine and to share truths. What a good Father we have. We referred to Charles Stanley’s teaching on what constitutes a godly mother and I shared it was indeed Dr Stanley who the Lord had placed as one of my spiritual teachers when I was out in the wilderness. He will always provide for us when we are in need.

I promised I would send something out and to those who were absent and therefore here are some of my thoughts gleaned and inspired from Dr Charles own teaching. Please feel free to share giving credit as I have where it is due.

Characteristics of a godly mother – can be seen as Dr Charles sets out in the 3 C’s . These are Conduct, Character, Conversation.

There is something that we see personified in a godly woman , we may not be able to put our finger on it but what we see is something along these lines:

She has a quality that separates her from most

She prays and reads the word of God

She Believes the word of God

She Loves God

A godly mother is one who has learned to trust God in every area of her life

She majors on God’s sufficiency not her personal lack

She is generous towards others

She is always thinking about others and putting their needs above her own

She is always giving a word of encouragement

She is a woman bent on building others up

We see that a godly mother is obedient and that that her obedience to God becomes not only profitable for her (see the story of Ruth) but also profitable for her children and her spouse. She leaves the consequence of every circumstance to God

We went on to talk about sharing space especially during Covid. We understand that a godly mother is pivotal in setting the atmosphere and tone of the home

Is the home free or is it full of tension ?

Is it a welcoming home , or is it a house full of tension or stress?

Is the statement or expression of love there?

It is my view that it is the mother who sets the tone in the home and children pick up both the spoken and unspoken cues.

I share the scripture – a wise woman builds her house but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

We didn’t discuss these other points below which Dr Stanley raised, but I am putting them here and perhaps we can return to when we next meet . I am going to send to my other sisters also and maybe far and wide.

The characteristics of a godly mother is

One who Forgives

One who is Persistent

One who is Determined

May God continue to bless you and cause his loving face to shine on you. May you continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of his love towards you. May you set a good tone in your home and parent well. May you be comforted in the prayers prayed and tears shed and live to see the rewards of your very many labours.

Yours in our Father’s Name

Linda J UK

Today writing as Teacher