“He suffered no man to do them wrong, he reproved kings for their sakes.

Psalms 105:13-16

I had this dream upon my bed . It was a strange dream. I saw a group of people in a game/gathering on a court. The dream looked like it was happening in a prison yard – it was dark. The objective appeared to be to score with the ball given you. There were lots of individuals. I had seen at the onset that there was a sound ball, one that had air for an individual to play successfully. There was a person who was doling out the balls, but I could see that this person was handing out inferior balls. There didn’t appear to be any intent or malice on her part, but it was clear she was missing it and kept handing out balls that had no air and that wouldn’t score or do the job it was meant to.

In the dream, I could see what was going on and the disadvantage for the individual . I took the initiative to seek to find the right ball ie the ball i had seen which was the correct ball for the person who was standing in turn. This was a ball with air and that could bounce and score.

I could also see on a large tray to be handed out to all something that looked like drugs and that the floor of the yard was covered with what looked like acid. I saw myself setting to with a long handed steel brush successfully removing the residue.

Interpretations belong to God, but if there is a word for us let us as individuals or the collective Body, let us seek to explore what that might be.

It was not a straight forward dream but I feel it speaks of short changing and deception. The Bible says that Father has given us everything pertaining to godliness but somewhere along the line and because of the first fruits of the fall, we can fall into bad company, into deception and can be deceived. We all are aware of the hold that drugs and narcotics have had on our generation and i need not spend too much time on this as it speaks for itself.

In the dream there were different roles and positions and so in the natural God has many individuals who are in positions of leadership or responsible for doling out resources or judgments. The Bible says we as believers we are kings and priests unto God – what a role and a blessing…!!! In the time of King David this was his role as king and he was known as a man after Gods own heart. Apart from his acknowledged sin with Bathsheba , he was known for his love of righteousness, equality, fairness and justice. 1 Chronicles 16:2-5 records it as follows

‘ ..and he dealt to everyone of Israel both man and woman to every one of loaf of bread and a good piece of flesh and flagon of wine. And appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord and to record and to thank and praise the Lord God Of Israel’ .

Here we see there was appointment and assignments for individuals as ordained – this was good provision /blessings and no one was sent away empty.

Today, in sharing this dream I seek to do a number of things . I want to give God thanks for Jesus who came to right all wrongs and to bring justice to the earth. I also want to encourage those who may have suffered sleights over the years because of birth origin, sex, race, culture physical ability or because of the spirit of jealousy covetousness and hatred in the heart of man , short changed them somehow along the way. Yes, for some there has been a set up or the handing out a dud ball to play the game – (so to speak) and indeed substances that we know does no one any good.

I want to say to that person who feels they cant seem to break the pattern or make headway or who may have been embroiled in this spirit of deception and deceit, that there is still hope if we can listen to Him and his word. Whether in the prison or palace, it is not how you start but how you end which is what is important and i speak about spiritual matters here. You fight with a victor if you join the kingdom and army of God, for He has already done it two thousand years ago. The scripture says many are our afflictions as servants of God but that He will reprove kings for your sake. All things work together for good to those who are the called according to his purposes. Romans 8:28 . There is a justice and judgement coming for the things that go on behind walls and under the shadow of darkness. But I know and am fully persuaded, that the man or woman of God and the one who remains steadfast in Him, will never be disappointed.

Just as depicted in the dream and throughout biblical history , God has his man or woman in post and position to act on his behalf and for others and to bring about just weights and balances in certain matters. Hold on. There are things that will be rectified in this life, but also an appointed time in eternity for others when all wrongs concerning you/us will be righted.

I speak to the leadership of the Body in particular when I say that the Lord admonishes us that we should behave fairly towards the household of faith and execute judgement and righteousness towards the stranger whenever we can , delivering them out of the hand of the oppressor. We should keep our eyes open to systems that perpetuate unfairness. We should do no violence to another (not with tongue or sword) no, not to the fatherless or the widow or the divorced woman… We should have a proper understanding of the games that can and are being played by the deceiver, through those who have given him access and through his tools. There should be no favoritism nor cliques,neither should we shed innocent blood. On the contrary, it is okay to challenge unfairness and injustice (and we do it when the occasion presents). We are at liberty to speak the truth in love and remember mercy should always triumph over judgement.


Lord, we want to acknowledge that all have sinned and come short of your glory and that your word tells us our hearts (in its fleshy state) is desperately wicked. We thank you that you speak to us in a myriad of ways including dreams and visions . We thank you that you have put us all in the body for a reason and a season and that none of us are above your word.

Lord, you have made us all in your own image and given us a choice of whom we will serve regardless of our personal circumstance. You have asked us to be fair and to love one another even as you have loved us.

We ask you for your continued light to be shed on our ways so that we can right any wrongs. Lord if we are responsible for anyone’s imposition, pain or suffering we ask for forgiveness. If we have short changed another (intentionally or unintentionally) Lord give us opportunity to love again and remedy situations. Help us to be just and fair in all we say or do.

Lord your all seeing eye searches through the whole earth looking for those whose hearts are perfect towards you. We can only be perfect through a relationship with you. We strive for perfection but we know we are only made perfect through the marks which were made on your body for us and our acceptance of washing of water and by your word. Lord, I know that your desire is not to leave us disadvantaged, but to bring light to us where there is darkness. Let your mercy triumph over judgement.

In this hour, may you find us, watching and waiting, with our cups clean and our houses swept. Indeed, remove anything from our houses, homes, foundations that may be acrid or bitter and let there be truth and a clean sweep in our lives and in all our affairs.

Linda J UK


Water cum a mi yeye (sic)

My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’. Psalms 73:26 .

Some of you know that I am awaiting an inpatient appointment as I have what I am going to call ‘poorly bones’. At the beginning of this year I saw God’s hand move in my life to preserve it and to extend healing and recovery, but I am still in need of medical intervention, which will slow me down and incapacitate me for a significant period.

Anyone who knows me well and who has lived with me, know I am usually the first one up and also that I don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t feel , I have just found another way to deal with pressure and grief. I’m still the first one up….and my default mode remains Joy..!!!

Last night however ‘water cum a mi yei (eye)….’. Do you know the Caribbean song?

It had been a grueling day in the heat and my bones were hurting me. On my mind was the programme of medical intervention that I will need to go through. It will be gruelling and if I could, I would want to get out of it. I didn’t let the tears fall ( but I so wanted to bawl ) – instead I found myself praying (in my chest) for all those who had asked for prayer this week and those who the Lord had brought to mind as I lay there.

As a soldier (with responsibilities), I realize you don’t get the luxury of licking your wounds or grumbling, but Father expects you/us to keep on keeping on. What can I say ? We have Elijah’s stream and not feets (sic) …of clay. I thank him for his continued presence and grace.

You know, the Lord usually speaks to me in the night. He has done since 2004 when he spoke to me audibly – told me who I was and what he had called me for. I hang onto this when all seems dreary.

As I slept last night, I heard (in the middle part of the night) the words: ‘you can cope with anything because your are mature and (you are /or you have) supernatural life….!!!!’

I woke pondering these words and the dream I had had last week of my old late Gp (Dr Das) anointing my two feet with oil. As a child, Dr Das would always come out no matter what time of day my mother called him. He was a good doctor and he saw me through difficult days of asthma and bronchitis in the coldest of UK September days.

I have come to know that Father uses these pictures and metaphors in the night to comfort us and remind us that he is still in control. In this vision He was reminding me that He is the Doctor and Healer and showing me how he anoints our feet with oil.

The Psalmist also wrote that ‘my flesh and heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’. Psalms 73:26 . May I encourage you with these true words and for any situation that you have faced, or are facing or those that your loved ones face.

I know that I am the blessed of the Lord and the righteousness of God, only in Christ Jesus and none ( I repeat none…) of my steps will fail.

Yes, I have an appointment to keep with a local hospital…… but eventually (and more importantly) with the King of Kings. At that time, He will not only restore my poorly bones, but he will examine and restore my heart.

The late Derek Prince – a master in deliverance ministry (who also spent significant periods ill in hospital during his early call), would say he had come to learn that ‘our disappointments are God’s appointments’ and at times like these the objective is for God to get our attention and to draw us closer to himself .

Let me finish with this my dear brothers and sisters ie birth and church (and I draw from the Apostle Paul ) when I say : that the hardships I have suffered and am suffering has at times been difficult to bear. During the pandemic we know the sentence of death has been seen and felt all around us . At times (having poorly bones) I might (if God had allowed) have despaired for my life. But I am still standing and my hope continues to be built on the solid rock, who is Christ Jesus.

What has my experiences to date shown me – ie those physical , financial, emotional and spiritual challenges ? It has shown me to cast my cares on Him, because He continues to cares for me.

The first victory is that God has delivered me from the sting of eternal death through salvation in His son, Jesus and the finished work of the cross. Secondly , He will continue to deliver me from every circumstance and from the mouth of dragon. He is able also to deliver you.

Do feel free to share and to share the message of salvation with your loved ones. It’s a free gift and the time is very late.

Have a great day .

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

Writing in a time of convalescence.



My daughter will confirm that in our garden we have a bird table and no matter how much we put and spread bird seed on it, the birds it was intended for , will not/have or visit the table and the seed stays on it until they go off…

It is so strange as there is a roof and covering and shelter and whilst they will fly to the fence and are able to reach, they will not visit the bird table. On the other hand the large fat pigeons and squirrels will make an exerted and determined effort to get to the seed but with great difficulty. This word was indeed coming . I watched this very week as a large pigeon get on the roof of the bird table and try to bend his neck into and through the opening by standing on the roof. Alas, his claws wouldn’t allow him to grip onto the slate roof and I watched (with a chuckle) as he slid down unceremoniously, falling to the ground.

The reluctance of the birds to eat off the table has been incredulous to me and for over a two years; they will eat the fat balls (my daughters idea) that hang from the tree , but No, they wont touch the table.

Today, I get this word and revelation and the impetus to write.

Father showed me that this picture. He is saying Linda, what you see is the same picture and reality He sees as his children refuse to eat at his table. He reminds me of His word: All day long ….He stretches out his hand to a stiff necked and gainsaying people, who continue to refuse him. His word says that ‘He prepares a table for us and in the presence of our enemies, but in truth many of us are oblivious of the spread and the delicacies there and so we remain base ….and continue to scratch around.

God however has been merciful. He shows (and is showing) that He waits patiently and watches over us. He has also protected what is ours, so that predators , usurpers cannot gain access; they can look and poke and vie from afar , but they cannot gain access to what has been properly put aside for us. He shows that they will fall to the ground.

I see again this morning the little birds on the ground picking between the pebbles for food – they are still scratching around , the seed hasn’t been touched. Again, the Lord would have me share that he didn’t make us to go scratching around and digging for left over scraps to eat . Rather, he has he set a table for us . He has seated us right next to him , in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers.

Stop Scratching Around…!!!

It is a new season which has caused us to review and reflect where we are in the things of the kingdom. I pray as the days unfold that we will get a greater and deeper revelation of who we are in Him and our provision in God. He has made us a little lower than the angels and as his children we are held in high regard crowned with glory and honor. If we find ourselves hungry and scratching around, then we need to examine why that might be as it is not of God.

God has made provision for us . He says in His word , that if we as earthly parents know how to respond to the needs and request of our earthly children, how much more He who made us wants to give us good things . He who owns the wealth of the world in His hands, is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever think or ask and He has good plans for us – for us to prosper and to achieve an expected end.

Today as I review and reflect, I pray that we will view the land like Joshua and walk surefooted into possessing what is ours by inheritance and stop scratching around. God has a table set and we need to come as all things for us has been prepared and are ready.


Lord we know and declare that the earth is yours and the fullness thereof and as children of God we can be partakers of those multiple blessings if we just step up to the plate , to the table, to your hand and your heart.

Father forgive us

Forgive us when we have turned our noses up at what you have sent and provided for us.

May we be pleased to humble ourselves to receive what you have laid out for us.

Lord we thank you because even in our ignorance, you have not allowed predators to exact upon us. Your hand continues to protect the seed, to cover and protect us and you good give us our daily bread.

Thank you for your food , your provision and protection on every side. May our eyes be open to see who you are and the wonders of your working power and provision in this season.

Evangelist Linda J UK



I am writing this during a period of recuperation. I was very poorly last night, but the fire of God is in me today and he has been instructing me to write and he has been giving me titles for books. I actually heard the contents being read of one and it is far beyond my ken….

I wont cover all today as this is my first day of feeling better. I have one day and then I am back to square one. No its not Covid but sometimes the Lord slows me down to take me away from the masses and to speak to me quietly.

None of us know how long we have on this earth. We have been given by reason of service 3 score and 10. I am a little way off that … but these are perilous days.

What I want to share here are a few things the Lord gave me pertaining to present time and also Covid. I have shared them where I was instructed and here I will simply summarize. This has been my life works and the call for the hour.

Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit has said and is saying to the churches.


1. Dream of Rapture – i had a dream of rapture in about 2009 . I know because i was pastoring in Reading and i had a dream one night that the Lord broke through the clouds. What was interesting was that some of the church people were hiding ie those who appeared staunch were crying under the window ledge of the house . I thought why? Then it was a no brainer. They simply weren’t right or ready.

2. In a second dream just before this time, i saw the Lord on his white horse faithful and true. The reins were made out of diamonds and the horse looked like he was conquering and still to conquer. The Lord was at the front and someone else I recognize. That person is still alive.

2017 – i saw a picture of Donald Trump ostracized and under guard and the work peach in the dream – i know now it relates to impeachment but i also saw that teh Lord sent his servant to Donald Trump and Donald acquiesced.

The Lord did not show me whether Biden or Trump were to win and i dont go to the Lord with any questions. He just brings things in the night.

2018/2019 The Lord showed me about the misalignment in the church – there is a disconnect . As i am writing , my own view is that the reason why the statistics are so against the UK is that neither the churches are pulling together – its all a facade. The church and the state are not working together. Instead of having masses in the House allowing people to pray and have time for personal grief , prayer and comfort we see the masses going down into the abyss and we are doing and saying nothing but playin church – doing business as usual. You cant pray or push. No one stirs themselves. We will be accountable.

March/April 2020

The Lord showed me what had happened in the Covid crisis . He said ‘it is out of the bag’ and that it was manmade. He showed me the Michelin man which depicted the prestige and force that was being levied. Small head and large body is what is significant.

He showed me the two variants at the school door- they were depicted as bees. I. Understood it to mean a new strain. It wasn’t time for the children to return to school.


There are two more critical visions the Lord has brought me but i am not at liberty to share here, because the individuals would easily be identified. Mine is not to shame but to warn.

All have sinned and come short of the mercies of God. Let us all examine ourselves how we stand – We know not all Israel is Israel but that it is time for the gossip, games and the back slapping and frivolity to end. It is a stench to Fathers nose. There are people dying around us.

Yours in Yashua’s Name

Evangelist Linda J UK



By Evangelist Linda J UK

Written in the Year 2012

You know I love to write……. I woke up this morning about 3.00am and wanted to light some candles on my new candelabra. I have a box of matches that I must have had for years and which has moved house with me so many times. Don’t ask me why but I have a little habit of putting the used matches back in the box when i have used them, which is so frustrating when you are looking for an unused one. I tutt ever time but still do it.

This morning there seems to be millions of used ones. I lost that special moment and the stillness of the early morning hour by having to search for just that one I could use…..
As this was happening, Father spoke to my spirit. I felt him showing me , this is what it is like when he is looking for that man , or that woman whom he can use and can’t find one. He says as much in his word. He said:-

“And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me.
Isaiah 63:5

He calls me by name and reminded me, this is what it is like when none of his children are ready, when none have been dipped or when many have lost the essence (the red bit of the match)- the anointing and the incendiary of the Holy Ghost.

A box of cold burnt out match sticks , is not a pretty sight. It is a shell of a former glory. This spoke to me of the condition of the church, the body of Christ. Much worse, is that some of the new matches (the ones intact) are hidden under the ones that are used up and burnt out.

I feel the spirit urge me to express to ‘come out from among them and be ye separate’. There is need for a clean sweep . A need to get rid of the brick brac and the things that have no use and doesn’t bring Father glory. We must stop stifling the little ones that Father wants to and can use.

It is not just about making up the numbers, having a full box (church) but which is a damp squib and of no use…. Its about seeking out the things God has put in and placed amongst us that can be and is ready, for use.

It is the hour of power, the time to awake. It is the time to stand tall, to be ready to strike. We need substance in ourselves, substance, which will enable the lighting of a fire, a fire which will set the world ablaze with the undiluted passion and power of the saving message of the kingdom.

I hear a noise and crackling in my spirit. I know it is the ignition of God!! Draw near and be open to his word.

He says he is not a respecter of persons. He is willing to use you and waiting to set the whole box ablaze…. He wants to see his glory in His house. He wants His Name and His power known among the nations.

Written this day under unction and in our Fathers wonderful Name

Evangelist Linda J.


I had not intended to write this particular word but this fine morning 13/12/2020 I am sitting with Father at our table and he is touching my heart and helping me to review the events of the past week.

On Wednesday this week, I had need to visit the X-ray department to have an X-ray on a condition that has been giving me some jip since about 2010. My daughter came with me and what a blessing to be leaning on your offspring at a time like this. I don’t take this lightly.

My name was duly called and a male nurse ushered me into a room. I wasn’t aware that he would be doing what needed to be done, but he set about doing his task.

What was so touching ( and the reason why I write and record) is the gentle care he gave as he was doing his task. He asked me questions and helped me position my body on the examining table. Thank God I didnt need to undress… He held my two feet as you would hold a baby’s and then found a solution for me to keep my toes together, as he took the photos. He gently wrapped/swaddled…. an apron round my ankles and then went to take the shots.

When he returned he spoke softly to me and repositioned me from lying down, to sitting back up. I didnt need the help, but he helped place my winter scarf around my shoulders. When I asked what the pictures had shown, he said they are not permitted to say, but if it was an emergency, I would have been booked in, but as it is routine, I will hear from my GP.

That was the event.

Next day I was able to get out of bed with a spring in my step , so much so that I laughed. I don’t know if this was a result of prayers or the care that had been given, but my pains were gone …..Glory to God!!! I began speaking in my mother tongue!! No one was going to silence that praise.

The Lord has been drawing reference to me about this event from his Holy word and what is happening in the Body.

Here was an unnamed carer/nurse who ministered and cared for me with such compassion and empathy and behind the scenes. He didn’t push me down or push his own ideas or position on me, but just respected me and accepted me as I am (sic). He also listened. Too often in the Body, we see pontification and bullish and controlling behaviors from those purported to represent our Father. They do him a disservice. Some now are soooh busy counting the number of ‘likes’, they don’t know what is happening on the ground to the flock – whether any one injured, they don’t really care. As for strategic issues, the blind is leading the blind.

The Bible says as much as you do unto my little ones (that is acts of kindness compassion and care) we do it unto, I am.

None of us knows what another person carries or is dealing with and we should walk carefully and humbly before our God. We know that some have entertained angels unnawares.

The Lord is ever present to heal and takes sickness away from us but the laborers are few. He knows our name. He doesn’t judge as men judge. He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities . He took upon him the form of servant – a lowly estate and he did it for us. He was not about making a name for himself, or bashing and demeaning others. He was always about lifting the beggar from the dung hill and our God (his Father), was satisfied with the travail of his soul which led to him being given a Name above every other Name and the praises and glory due to same through those that acknowledge and reverence same.

Let us Pray

Pray for genuine compassion to return to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pray that we wont just profess the word, but the word be manifest in all we say and do ie stop playing church.

Pray that we wont keep straining at gnats and swallowing the camel down the road or in another nation, when there is much to do right under our noses, even now within our many zooms.

Pray that we will see whom God has sent and set amongst us ie his hurting little ones and get off our high horses like the Good Samaritan was wont to do.

Pray for a spirit of genuine humility to return to the Body and the praise of Jesus not the adulation of men. Stop bigging men up. Big up Jesus.

Pray that we don’t hide behind screens judging and pointing fingers at what we don’t understand in terms of pains that people carry. Ask God for the spirit of truth and wisdom, to help us to adjudicate and to judge righteously.

The world is waiting and are sick to the back teeth of performances and empty words and sounds of the so called church. The sound is dull and manufactured. Praying against brutish and bullish behavior both in the Body, the family and our institutions and where we clearly see that no one has the backbone to stand up against this, but continue to turn a blind eye – to be liked.

Praying against critical spirit that seek to push and pull where Father has not given permission, nor has directed.

Praying that Father shines his light on all our ways (even my own )and for a straightening out of the Body. The the Body find its proper position and place , let the body parts work in sync and harmony – let each joint and member carry out the role it was created to do and refrain from crushing other parts. Let the eye be the eye. Let the mouth be the mouth, stop vying for things you were never created to do and will never do. Let go and Let God.

Praying for soundness, protection of the mind, soul and spirit. Break the spirit of divination, control, chaos, disobedience and sorcery. Let God’s people go.


Thanking God for the many unnamed, untitled, good Samaritans amongst us who continue to show the Father heart of God.

Thanking God for those ministries and individuals that are not afraid to challenge the destructive spirits and dictates that are not of God.

Thanking God for the ministry of healing and the many ways he continues to demonstrate its working power in our lives.

Evangelist Linda J UK writing under prophetic mandate and license.


The Year of Our Lord


I have been trying to share this word for two days.. and old hairy legs and his cohorts have not been happy. The amount of attack and onslaught I have received within a hour of yesterday morning is very interesting indeed. Part of what I wrote at 4:00 am yesterday morning has also disappeared… which is unusual. But I will not be defeated. Here goes:

For those of you who watched Fuel the Fire a ministry platform put on by All Nations Church, Wolverhampton ,UK on Friday last week (4/12/2020) would have been blessed. Pastor Steven and team had invited Bob Sorge to share a word and what a word.

My own word is entirely separate and came to me on the 3/12/2020 but it sets the context of why I was moved to share and to write at this juncture.

One of the things Bob asked is what is your love language with God- essentially how does God speak to you ? Or indeed  how do you speak to God? 

Our own Pastor in his own messages over the past few months has been urging us to carve out some quiet time to speak to and hear from God – it is a must…. we must hear from God ourselves. 

As a minister since 2004, Father has been using me to encourage those who will receive, about some of these necessities and disciplines including ensuring you write down your vision and dreams. I heard him audibly give that instruction : ‘tell them Linda, it is as they write they will run… ‘ . So my mandate is to speak and to write. I pray you too will run.

One of my own love language is that I dream and I see and hear. I see the word become flesh as people speak or minister. By his blessed Holy Spirit, He speaks to my heart and in pictures.

Whilst I was in the wilderness in 2007, I saw the word of God ( a bible ) in a three dimensional tangible way – it was like bread.

This (as shared history) sets some of the context of what I want and share.

It was last week …before Bob’s preach, I think it was 3/12/2002 after one of the members of our early morning prayers gave a devotion. As he shared or prayed , ( I didn’t have time to share what I was seeing, but I saw… ). I saw an individual in front of the throne room, covered in splashes of blood. I saw and heard the meaning of the word SUPERIMPOSE : I saw it happening. I saw if you like a picture of what happens when someone approaches the throne that a blood stained Jesus is superimposed over that person.

I am not sure whether I will do justice to what has been revealed in this one write up, but I pray you will get something out of it to lift your faith and give you increase confidence and wisdom as you pray. May it fan your flames. May you see.

The dictionary defines the word SUPERIMPOSED or su·per·im·pos·ing as follows : to impose, place, or set over, above, or on something else. It means to put or join as an addition.

Father began to take me to the key scriptures. One being 2 Corinthians 5:21

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him

He took our place and what an imposition!!

I think Hebrews says it well when Paul preached.  He preached 

But we see Jesus , who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

He took the blows. When he died we died. When he arose , we arose. If it wasn’t for Jesus and what he suffered on the cross in our place, we could not approach the throne of grace. God is a holy God and we (born in sin and shapened in iniquity) would be consumed by his holiness. God, superimposes Jesus on us when we approach ie He sees Jesus when we come to him – he looks beyond our faults and sees – the spotless Lamb, His son.

Listen to this beautiful nugget from the scriptures :

Both he that sanctifieth (JESUS) and they who are sanctified (US) are one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call us brethren.

He (Jesus), did not take on him the nature of angels, BUT he took on him, the seed of Abraham (our likeness- man – us ). Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be amerciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God. Hebrews 2:16. A high priest stands in the gap and speaks on behalf of the people and the nations.

What are the things pertaining to God? WE ARE……!!!! Including issues of righteousness, justice, fairness – atonement and sacrifice, restoration, health and well-being. The substitution and exchange happened, so that we could be saved and in turn (as priest and kings of the most High God) save Adam’s fallen race from all manner of sins and diseases.

It is this knowledge that brings quickening and enabling power. How can you not become alive and shout it from the roof tops.

Can I also say that the enemy of soul also superimposes to enlarge, distort and smoke screen and I have seen that many years ago in a dream. Have you seen the picture that is often circulated by Walt Disney or people that make cartoons. You know the picture of a lion projected and roaring but when you look behind the screen it is a little frightened mouse…. This (God has shown me ) is the picture of the adversary. He is like a puff of smoke, he has no substance . He tries to superimpose, smother and cover us with his death stroke, to silence or in an attempt to fool us, or to scare us.

But we see Him and are not afraid.

Let him bring on his greatest arsenals or continue to sling mud, we are covered by the blood Jesus. He stands in our place and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. It is also okay to cry.

Thanks be to God, Jesus, is our all sufficiency, our substance and covering . Oh if we could only grasp that vision when we pray, I believe it would help us get over our doubts, fears and the many mealy mouth issues and obstacles we sometimes allow to get in front of the necessary work which we must do.

The Bible says, as he is, so are we in this world. Let him (Jesus ) be your shield and guide.

When we pray and pray for others and all kinds of things – we cannot, not be moved…. Praying is not, nor should be a tick box, mechanical rote exercise – the piercing and desire for change, causes pangs , things to move as it did/does our Lord.

Let us Pray ….!!! Let us see ourselves cloaked and covered as Jesus and by Jesus, through his shed blood which speaks louder than the blood of Abel.

There is so much more to ponder on this word but for now let me leave you with this and to guide prayers:

• Pray under his covering and the delegated responsibility given to us by the exchange at the cross.

• Pray because we have been accepted in the beloved

*Pray because we are heirs and joint heirs with Jesus and he has given us dunamis ,(not Walt Disney or smoke , bells and whistles) but real power.

• Pray knowing that he is our mediator , he is standing in the gap. His life has been superimposed on us and he remains our faithful high priest.

Finally (and thank God for this ) God doesn’t see us or our many failings, but as we approach him faithfully, confessing our sins , he sees Jesus and then all manner of things concerning us are always : YES AND AMEN .

Evangelist Linda J UK


A prayer for missions

A prayer for missions – December 2020 – Linda J UK

Father , great is your faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies we see, thou changes not, thy compassion they fail not, has thou hast been though forever will be. (Extract from a song)

Yes, Lord you are the same God of Abram, Isaac and Jacob and your seed remains on the earth. Your desire has always been to have a people for yourself- a people who love you unconditionally, nations who bow to ‘you’ in reverence – not seeking a Saul, but having a heart like David and Paul, in relation to righteousness and missions.

Lord you set the boundaries of the territories where men should live; You designed and devised the color and nature of our skin and our languages. Lord I believe each nation has an assignment and destiny in you, but many are still asleep to righteousness.

We cry AWAKE.

Lord, you will have a remnant through every tongue and tribe. This I have seen. In this hour we pray that your word touches the far reaches of the earth, even the hidden tribes.

Lord, Your word says that this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the ends of the earth and then the end shall come – help us to get up and Go. Lord your word says that at your name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess you as Lord. You promise that if men call on you , repent from their sins and wicked ways, you will hear from heaven and heal the land. This is the message we must preach.

Today Lord, we come for healing and restoration for the many parts of our world. Parts where seeds have been planted and going down deep taking root. We pray for just the right balance of irrigation from your servants. We pray that nothing will be disturbed or forced into being before its time. We pray that all will be done to the honor and glory of your name.

Lord, we acknowledge that we can do nothing of our selves but through your power and spirit and might we can do all things. Use us.

We can do all things through our prayers and through our brothers and sisters who go to plough the field and scatter the good seed on the land. We are all part of one body – you have taught us through your son David that both he that goes and he that stays behind, are part of the joy when souls are won. We rejoice in all you have done and are doing through the seed.

Lord your word says , Paul planted , Apollos watered but you (and only you) give the increase. Help us not to merchandise the flock , count or seek aggrandisement for our numbers or fish caught . We know this can bring pride and takes focus from you . You are the accountant and keeper of the books and ledgers …Multiply all our efforts as we tryst with your blessed Holy Spirit in prayers and sacrifice. Let us see your goodness always in the land of the living.

We pray for strength for all the fledging ministries just starting out. We pray also for those that have put their trust in you these many years crying on their knees and hidden in closets. We pray for those who have seen your provision but who may also have suffered loss. Strengthen and encourage Lord. Remind them that you do all things well.

In a time of shaking , let men and women and children who wait for your law, not lose hope. You are the light in the darkness and it remains. , Continue to dispel all our doubts and fears.

Lord we pray for individual ministers called out and going out in your name. Let them/us always remember who sent us and that you will always provide for and qualify the call.

Lord, you feed the sparrow . Make provision for these loved ones both spiritual and physical. Give them true manna from heaven – manna that if a man eats will never be hungry . Give them the true water of life that if a man drinks , he will never thirst.

Let there be cups full of blessings forever running over and touching lives.

Lord when some trust in chariots and horses or football stars or teams… let our total dependency be on you. Help us to be good stewards of the manifold blessings you have given us. Not for lip service or to please men, but in singleness of heart, let us do of your good pleasure.

Lord your eyes run to and fro the whole earth on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect before you . You will fight the many battles , the physical, spiritual , financial and societal battles. We have and will sign on the dotted line with you. We are part of the eternal covenant. We know some have not yet resisted to blood, that greater battles are coming and we need to be wise. We know that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, rulers of darkness , spiritual wickedness in high places.

Help us to stand.

Bring down these demonic cohorts in your mighty name. We place Satan under our feet and we crush and bruise his head today as you have given us authority to do so.

Lord, see the fields are white ready for harvest . You first showed us. You have said : It is time. We see your church reforming , resetting , a warrior bride ; We are ready to fight . We have our army boots on ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and for the sake of your name.

We declare today and every day that ‘so mightily grows your word, and prevails .

We wont be cowed, nor silenced in spreading and sharing your heart or your word. Your word is prevailing in market places, school rooms, ivory towers, palace and parliaments. Your word prevails when planted rightly in the hearts of men. Wake us up Blessed Holy Spirit with the word of God in our hearts in our minds and on our lips and for the saving of souls.

We have no other argument , we have no other plea, it is enough that you died and that you died to set all men free.

Linda J UK



‘Who being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power’ Hebrews 1:3

I have been studying and reflecting on the Names and attributes of God. As I have done so Father has spoken to me.

On Sunday the 15th November, I saw a picture of Lewis Hamilton on top of one of his cars. He was getting applaud for his achievement in the sport. I understand it was his 7th world title and was indeed his fourth title in a row. As I looked at him with his arms lifted up, I saw the figure and meaning of ‘a victor’ – most importantly I saw our victor, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was our prophet, priest and king standing on the hill of Calvary – the hand of God …with arms stretched and hands raised, albeit in pain, for us.

I saw the shadow of his wings and which we can now rest safe and secure knowing that He measured up, so we too can wear a crown.

The Bible says some some trust in chariots and horses ( ) even putting their trust in men and women or denominations, but we (as called out burning ones) we trust in the Name of the Lord. Some trust in sport cars, idolizing men of stature like 007 and the now late, Maradona, but we trust in and worship Jesus – the son of the living God.

Of course we grieve with those that grieve and know the pain of losing loved ones, but there is one greater than they and we are told not to idolize or worship men. We worship only Jesus.

Jesus, the brightness and brilliance of our father glory. Father has shown me that when we as Christians or individuals idolize men, humans or things made with hands, by default we devalue and demote ourselves. I say this because each and everyone of us is ‘a first’ to our Father. There isn’t another copy like you or me as our DNA attests. The Bible tells us the very hairs of our individual heads are numbered.

Men and women revere these sports men for their game or prowess during their time on earth or their time on the silver screen. But our adulation is and has to be to our God and his Christ. The eternal son of God – soon to return.

Let me tell you – there is none like him. He is the first, the last , he is the first born of the dead. The grave did not hold him . He was not subject to disease or decay. He was the perfect lamb. The perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish.

Know this also and in a time of peril and storm :

Jesus is ahead of the game.

He has already won the race

When he died, we died

When he rose, we rose,

When he won , we won.

We have been made victors in his name.

Right now, this Jesus, the son of God, is standing in the gap ever making intercession for us in the throne room of God. Right now, this Jesus is squaring things up, to take us to our eternal home.

He is our victor, the only one we should worship. He and only He , will help us cross the finish line.

Jesus: the brightness and brilliance of our fathers glory

Let him shine through us and be our guide and our light.

Trust fully in the effectiveness of our prophet priest king

He is the sympathizing jesus

He has more than 7 titles (go look them up ) and we are all complete in him

Let him infuse and he enthuse us with the power of his Holy Spirit so that death won’t sting and we can have an overcoming life.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes


In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ